Monday, June 16, 2014

Change in the Air

The Boy Child 'graduated" from elementary school last week. 

I say "graduated," because I think we make such a big flippin' deal out of all this stuff..too big a deal... like these kids are never going to do anything more than graduate from elementary school!?!?  Not that it isn't important. I  held it together until he came down the stairs dressed in his khaki pants, tie and navy blue suit jacket.  This mamma lost it a bit!

I digress, this isn't the point of my post.

I have a new job!  This was not something I'd planned on.  

It's been a tough year, which I've said before.  In the 4 years I've taught at my current school, I've weathered 3 new principals and 3 new assistant principals. Y'all, this new principal just doesn't like me. Oh, it's not personal, she doesn't know me well enough to not like me as a person, but she doesn't think I'm a good teacher. That's never happened to me before. I've always had the respect of my administrators.  It's a shame, because in a lot of ways, she is doing amazing things for my school. She has a great vision, but I don't think she feels I'm a part of that. 

That said, I had a job for next year. My job was not on the line, but my reputation was, and long term, my certification could be.... because one darn person doesn't like me! FRUSTRATING. 

Anywho,  I wasn't looking to leave, because The Girl child still had another year there and The Boy was all set for middle school just down the road. FINALLY in my end of year summation, the principal gave me a clear picture of what she thought I was lacking. It was doable. I knew I could change it and be more successful next year.

Then, I heard about a local charter middle school that was going to open up an elementary school and everything changed.  It's the kind of place that allows you to teach the way it's supposed to be.. hands on, project based, authentic... the children still have to take all the state tests, but there is less pressure and the test scores are phenomenal. More importantly, it's the kind of environment in which My Girl will thrive and I was truly concerned about our middle school options for her. I knew that looking into this opportunity would get me a viable option for her in two years.

Kind of on a lark I applied. Because it is not affiliated with my current district, I did not need my principal's permission. I had nothing to lose... interview and if I don't get it, she'll never know and I go back to my current place next year. Get it and I go.  You know what, they looked at my resume, cover letter, and philosophy and they think I can teach. They value me. They granted me an interview and then made an offer and the pay is actually better!  Not much better... I'm still a teacher... in the South.... but it's an increase.

I still hate change, but I'm so excited!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Drifting in the Blogoshpere

She's ALIVE!

Really, I am and I'm okay. *winks*

I so appreciated all who have checked in, checked up to make sure.

I find myself in a weird place... I've lived in the south for 7 years now, so southern things are a way of life rather than an anomaly.

I'm not really single anymore, but I'm not yet married.  Lawn Boy and I were hoping to take care of that this summer, but y'all, do you know how hard it is to plan a wedding when one set of kids lives a thousand miles away and the other has to have time with their other parent who lives 600 miles in another direction and then both sets of your parents are also equally as far away in separate places?

It's hard. Like really, Really, REALLY hard!

Planning a small, uncomplicated second wedding became this super big deal.

 I *maybe* had a meltdown.

So I'm not really single, but I'm not married either.

Blogging about single life and dating ~or lack there of, because I've never really "dated"~ doesn't make sense...

But neither does blogging about step-parenting, because that doesn't apply yet either...

Or planning a wedding, because ~Poor LB~ I've issued a moratorium on that too!

I'm here...I'm just trying to figure out how and if I still fit into the blogosphere!

*Suggestions welcome*

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fragments: Southern Fashion on the Job

Apparently it's a week where I'm talking about fashion.

You know you are southern when you are out to dinner downtown on a Friday night and a young up an comer walks by in his collared shirt, thin sweater and blazer and you think he's missed the mark because he forgot his bow-tie!


I hate calling parents. I find it one of the parts of my job I dislike the most, in part, because I hate talking on the phone in general.  I especially hate it when I have to speak to a parent about their child's difficulties when I know they think the failure is mine... when they don't want to admit this was a problem in previous years and they insist the problem is only in my room.

I'm not in this business because I dislike children.  I have a soft spot for ALL of them, even the ones that push my buttons. I consider it a personal failure when they don't succeed in my classroom, but if a parent cannot meet me half way, there is only so much I can do!


Another fashion tip: a t-shirt from a treasured area fishing store, along with ball cap and pair of jeans is fine for your son's Saturday morning basketball game at a church. Pairing it with a pair of light gray, high-heeled boots that are more dressy than cowboy, will certainly get you noticed, but perhaps not in the way you were hoping!

Trust a girl who is planning to wear her yoga pants to work!


A parent showed up at dismissal one day this week, without an appointment, wanting to meet with me.  I often wonder if the parents that do this also show up unannounced demanding to meet with to their doctor, lawyer, or accountant.  I understand I'm responsible for educating their most precious possession, their child, but I too am a professional and I have responsibilities that often mean I can't drop everything to talk to them and still get what I need finished so I can do my job effectively and move on to the personal life I'm allowed to have.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeans, a Basketball Game, and Yoga Pants

"The bad thing about your kid having a Friday Night game is that you have to stay dressed," I said to Lawn Boy recently.

It was... a Friday Night ~ I know you are shocked~ and I was standing there in my jeans, desperately wanting to put on my yoga pants after a long week of work. Once upon a time, I wouldn't have thought twice about throwing on a shirt and heading to the game in my yoga pants, but I've gained some weight recently ~Remember when stress made you lose weight? Yeah, me neither~ and I'm not really comfortable going out like that. Granted, I'm not really comfortable in my jeans right now either! ~ There is something extremely discouraging about being in better physical shape then you've ever been... I mean, I can run five miles without stopping... and weighing more than you ever have unless you were pregnant... and no, it's NOT muscle, trust me!

I caved and put on my yoga pants anyway and then it was time to get ready for the game.

Short of stomping my feet and whining, "I don't wanna get dressed!" I went into the closet and put on  a shirt, scarf, and cardigan, leaving LB exclaiming, "Those look like work pants!"

One kicky pair of flats later, we were out the door, sans jeans!
And now I might just be wearing my yoga pants to work!

How about them apples!?!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When It'sToo Personal to Blog

I've always thought myself pretty open here in this space.... sharing things that I might not share with "real-life friends."

Y'all may have noticed that it's been quiet here lately.  I've mentioned more than once in recent posts that I have a lot going on. Life is... busy.

But that's not the whole story.

The whole story is the\at for the first time, I find myself going through some things that feel too personal to blog.

Has this happened to you?

I realize that I'm not just telling my story and that in sharing some things, I'm also ~ albeit inadvertently~ sharing someone else's story.  Maybe we don't need a public record of things that we can never get back. We all know once it's out in cyberspace, it's out there forever

Because I've always prided myself in being authentic... keeping it honest and real and transparent ~well, aside from the fact that I don't use my real name~ I find myself unable to blog.  When I compose posts, it feels like there's this... hole... where the things I'm leaving out should be.

So instead I am quiet, but still here, missing you all.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Fragments: It's Been Awhile

Good grief! It's been so long since I've fragged that I fear y'all might not remember me!


We are buried under snow, freezing rain and now more snow in the south again, so I'm taking a little time to blog.  We've missed so many days this year that at this rate, we'll be in school until July!


I had to send The Boy out with bags tied around his feet. As a northerner born and bred, I've always prided myself in making sure my children had cold weather clothes, but somehow, this year, I missed boots. They've got parkas, snow pants, gloves, hats, etc, but NO BOOTS!


The Girl is feeling a little stir crazy.  She just didn't understand why we couldn't go out shopping yesterday. When I explained that the roads were too treacherous, she pointed to the TV, on which the news was showing people pushing their cars up the road and proclaimed, "If we get stuck, we can just do what they're doing!"

Right, kiddo, I'm sure you'd volunteer to steer while the rest of us pushed!


I contributed to their history of the United States during the snowstorm by watching the movie Miracle with them. I cry at the end every time, but it's a great way to get into the Olympic Spirit!


The Boy was sick earlier this week with some mysterious virus that had him nauseous and achy. His flu test was negative and he is finally up and about after four days, but The Girl was quite indignant about him getting to stay home from school, whining that I always made her go when she was sick.


She continues to look a pictures of mansions and add to her list of things she'd like in our "next house."  After a recent birthday party, she has added a disco ball in the basement to the list which already includes an elevator and her own private suite. Spoiled much?


Here's hoping you are all well. I've missed y'all.  Happy Valentine's Day! Fortunately I grabbed small gifts for the kids last weekend when I left Lawn Boy at the curb of Target while I ran in to get a gift card.  Twenty minutes later, I finally emerged after seeing all the hearts and flowers and realizing that if I didn't get it now I'd be running out late Thursday night in a panic. There was no going anywhere last night, so I'm glad I made him wait!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Year Starts Out with a Bang... Again!

I find myself with an unexpected day off. We are battening down the hatches Below the Mason Dixon Line, because snow is coming.

There is no snow yet, but school is cancelled anyway.  Go ahead and laugh my northern friends, that's just how they roll down here!

I've stocked up on bread, milk and eggs, because we do that down here as well... oh, and sweetened condensed milk to make snow cream... a thing I never did up north, but is all the rage down here when it snows. 

Anywho, I thought I best fire up the computer and let y'all know we were alive!

2014 started off with a bang!  Lawn Boy was in a car accident on this way to work a few weeks back.You may recall that this is not the first time I've rung in the New Year in this manner. Fortunately he was okay, but a one-car accident on a quiet road, knock on the head, and dead cell phone meant it took us awhile to find him.

He was promptly fired upon returning to work the next day. YES, you read that right.  Long story, but lets just say, it's probably going to be a blessing that he's no longer working for a company who thinks that a car accident is erratic behavior and bad for their image. 

In the meantime, having a house husband...err domestic engineer... is kind of nice! Although he has needed a little training.

Sweet Baby B has turned one! I had the pleasure of watching her this past weekend while Jack and Evie went out for Jack's birthday. She's such a love!

We've set a wedding date and I need to get going on that new blog!

A little more change on the horizon than anticipated, but not all bad.