Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fragments: Single Mom Snippets

The Girl and I were having a very in depth conversation as we left school for the long weekend last week.  

She said maybe I should get remarried and have babies.  I said I didn't have any plans to do so right now.  

She commented that I didn't really need to because I had her and her brother.  

Realizing I might want to leave a window open for my future, I replied, "Well, I don't have any plans right now, because anyone I married would have to be good enough for you and The Boy, so he'd have to be pretty special, but if I did and did have a baby, that would be a blessing."

"Yes," she said, "but it would be nice to have another dad around....You could just get married and NOT have babies.  Then you could stay home and take care of the cat!!!"



DOUBLE MOM FAIL:  The Boy lost two teeth last week.  1) The Tooth Fairy forgot to come the first night.  2) The second one he lost at school.  He handed me the baggie when he came to my room at dismissal.  It didn't make it home.  I had thrown it out before we left.  Luckily, the custodians has already changed the garbage, so it was still there on Monday, but after all that, I forgot AGAIN... TWICE!!!



I was telling a story to a coworker today about another friend who's sister had left her husband in dramatic fashion and I had a sudden thought,

"Do you think I surround myself with people like this,"

"So you can feel normal?"  she finished for me.



After 24 hours in rice, my phone is STILL not working.  Luckily, I kept the house phone . BUT, after one day without it, I was going through major withdrawal, even though I only check my phone at lunch when I'm working.  Amazingly, a friend just got a new iPhone 4S, so she lent me her old phone and we had it activated on my line until I figure out if my phone is salvagable. No, I didn't buy insurance. I can't call anyone because I dont' want to swtich the SIM cards to get my contacts and screw up her phone, but at least I can GET calls!


Mommy's Idea


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm sure the cat loves her idea.

Heather said...

Don't we all surround ourselves with crazies to feel normal?

Your girl is very insightful!

I hope your phone makes it.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

So did the fairy finally leave about $50 just out of guilt?

Shell said...

Staying home to take care of the cat sounds peaceful. ;)

Hope you get your phone problems resolved!

Andrea-TheSockMonkeyMom said...

As I just mentioned to another FF poster, I kill technology. Truly. I plugged in my iPhone to update the software last night and POOF I lost all my stuff. It said the restore had failed.

Yay me!

Happy Friday.

Diane said...

I think every tooth fairy flubs up every now and then. I know ours has. She has a bad habit of falling asleep and forgetting all about her duties!

shopannies said...

we have friends in our circle that are more dramatic, go out more, others stay home and do nothing just and we all compare stories of what we do and don't do

come see me at and see what I shared

Rachael said...

That sucks about your phone :-( Mine has a shattered screen right now - luckily I DO have insurance, but it's still $130 to get it replaced and I don't have the money yet.

KT said...

There are days right?
When my daughter lost her first tooth it was evening and I had no cash in the house.
I seriously seriously considered writing her a check.

Charlotte said...

I just read someone else's blog about forgetting to leave money for the tooth fairy--you're not alone!

Sorry to hear about your phone... I always feel so lost without mine, too!