Monday, November 14, 2011

Observations from the Sidelines

The Boy's football team continues to win, so I still don't have my life back. Next week they play the "Superbowl" and I have to say, I'm looking forward to it being over.

As a friend said on facebook:

Ahh, I remember the days when you really want the win for them, honestly you do..."

This season spent on the sidelines four, yes FOUR days a week, has allowed me to make a few observations.

1. I don't like it when little boys don't play clean. It bothers me just as much when one of our players blocks in the back as it does when someone from the other team does.

2. I like it even less when the coaches, again, on either side, do not act as role models for the children. They are six, seven, and eight, so no, there should not be a Delay of Game Penalty if a child loses his shoe on the field, even if your team is down 30-6.  They are children, sometimes they lose a shoe in the pile and sometimes they cannot put it back on themselves, because, you know, they are wearing equipment and gloves and all...

3. I like a good tackle unless My Boy is at the bottom of the pile.

4. Parents should have to go through vocal tryouts before they are allowed to cheer from the sidelines.  Some people's voices, usually women, go right through you.

5. Parents should not yell unkind things from the stands, even if they are directing it at a coach.  They need to remember how they'd feel if someone else was picking on their child or his coach.  

6. When a team puts in their second string, the 6 year-old and first years, that is their attempt to not run up the score.  You cannot tell little boys who usually only play in the first half hour, which doesn't count, that they cannot score when they get a chance in the real game.  If it was your child, you wouldn't want him to pass up the chance.

7. That said, perhaps the coaches could put the second string in a little bit earlier.

8. A Team Mom should know how to be an effective disciplinarian.  If her own child does not behave, she probably isn't a good choice ~ and yes, I'm totally critiquing when I wasn't willing to do it myself.

9. Team moms should also send emails in bulleted lists instead of one insanely long paragraph or many parents ~READ: me~ won't read it and may miss important points.

10. If your child has an allergy...even if you are the Team Mom... you should be exempt from providing Team Snack and provide your child with his own.  On a team of 40 children, it's just too hard to account for all the different allergies for all of the different children when providing snack.

Can you tell I didn't hit it off with the Team Mom???  Although I got the cold shoulder from her first, for what appeared to be no reason. It must be all my beauty and sorta southern charm... or maybe that I'm just a little bit thinner than her. Yup, I went there and it wasn't nice, but I feel better, because she'll never know! *grins*

11. Last I checked, it was against the law to use tobacco products on school grounds.  That includes cigarettes, cigars, dip AND chewing tobacco.  The parking lot and the stadium are still school property even if you are outside.  If you are a coach, you should not be doing any of the above in front of the children regardless of where you are...

Despite the long list of complaints, it is actually terribly exciting to watch a group of 6,7, and 8 year-old boys play football. Especially when they win.

Yes, The Girl and I will give up our lives and The Boy will play again next year.  While it's a huge time investment, the entire season costs less than one month of the gymnastics lessons The Girl is about to start. *SIGH*


The Blonde Duck said...

My biggest fear is that I'll have two boys obsessed with football!

Di said...

I'm so glad I still have years before I have to deal with this! :)

I'm paying $75 a month for baby gymnastics right now. I know. Ouch!

Shell said...

It's the parents that drive me crazy with any sort of kids' activity.

Slamdunk said...

Good tips. I can still remember playing little league football and taking the play into the offense with the coach puffing on a cigar and the air and from of my face being a cloud.

The Mrs. does not want the older boy to play football, though he is interested. I think our time is coming, but for now it is basketball and soccer.

Heather said...

Love your list and totally agree with all of them. Nothing worse than the bad sportsmanship. I have a horrible coach/her child relationship on the cheer side that I am constantly having to step into because the child is a BRAT in the worst way possible. And honestly I never say that, but this child is horrible!!!

I am so with you on the cost. We just wrapped up our season and am now trying to figure out how to monthly budget for all the tumbling and dance lessons my girls want to take with their free time!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

football here is crazy, we had our oldest signed up a year ago but pulled him out, he was only 5 but these people were crazy! Like dropping f bombs at them and ridiculing them..
hope they win!

blueviolet said...

At that age, I just can't see why anyone would take it too seriously. You're so right about all that yelling by parents and coaches!

Babes Mami said...

Sounds like a lot of hassle!