Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fragments: Countdown

"Mamma, is the dishwasher clean?"

"Yes, it is."

"No wonder my knife looks so precious."

I'm glad we are expanding our vocabulary, but we might need to work on meanings...


I hosted my annual No Boys Allowed Holiday Party last weekend.  Since it didn't SNOW this year, there was a great turn out and fun was had by all.  My favorite part:  I took a pair of black Tuxedo pants from the back of my closet.  I haven't worn them in three years.  Not only do they fit, they are ROOMY- without shapewear!!!!

Then I promptly gained four pounds ~ DOH!

This song always brings me to my knees... maybe because I'm a mom? Except I remember liking it as a kid, too.


I spoke with the AG teacher at school the other day, mostly because she was scheduled to do my peer observation.  The last set of scores has not been released yet, but The Boy will definitely be double identified as Academically Gifted next year.

Then I got a call from the Basketball Coordinator.  Seems he scored the highest of all the 3rd graders in the pre evaluations and he wanted to know if I wanted him to play up with the 4th and 5th graders.  The Boy Child is not exactly the tallest kid on the block, so I gave him the choice and he wanted to play with his friends.  Then I got a message from an acquaintance's husband telling me I should be proud and giving me his scores (I was anyway, but I have no idea what the numbers mean :-))

I've heard it said that true geniuses are well-rounded and tend to excel in everything...

I'm kidding... but it makes me smile!


Cute Boy may have resurfaced.  We shall see... that's all I'm gonna say about that for a while *winks*


I am still not done with shopping... no idea what to get my parents... my sister offered to take the kids Sunday so I could finish in peace... not that shopping the Sunday before Christmas will be peaceful... she also, due to her own budget constraints this year, asked me to split the cost of the gift she got for my dad.  That it was something I didn't think of that he actually needs!

Three more work days 'til Christmas Break!

Mommy's Idea


blueviolet said...

Take your sister up on that and enjoy the day finishing it all up!

Oh cute boy! This is fun news. :)

You must be over the top proud of your son! That's such cool news in all regards.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

Cute post!! Lost of good happening!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Angels we have heard on high makes me cry every time.

Diane said...

Sounds like lots of good stuff going on over there!

I also mentioned in my fragments post today about how I gained 3 and a half of the 7 pounds I'd lost over the summer. Ugh...

I'm going to brave Wal-mart this morning to try and finish my last bit of shopping. Double Ugh!

Andrea said...

Cute boy? I'm definitely going to have to stop back for details about that. I went all online for my shopping this year. I just couldn't even handle the thought of going to the mall (well, that and the nearest mall is 90 minutes away)

Happy Friday!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I love that song too!

Be careful with cute boy!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

that's my favorite Christmas song too!
and I don't do well with teasers..just sayin...
and maybe she thought the knife was a precious know, like gold? ha!
and hooray for super smart kids you can be proud of!!!
Okay, I think I covered it all

bill lisleman said...

"my knife looks so precious" - that sounds like it could come from one of those weird murder and mayhem shows. thanks for sharing.

Kris said...

Your post is so upbeat. I am smiling the whole time I'm reading it. Congrats on your little guy doing so well. My parentals are going to watch the kiddos for me so I can finish shopping. Shopping in peace (even when stores are crowded) is so nice.

Tettelestai said...

Oh weight loss, so jealous!! You go girl! Ii wish our dishwasher made our dishes look precious ;-)

I hope your Christmas is great!!

Karen and Gerard said...

Smart of you to let your boy decide about basketball--I think he made the wise choice to play with his friends.

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Babes Mami said...

Get that shopping done girl! haha

Kimberly said...

I bet that you are super proud of him.
I used to play b-ball (yea, I just got all 1990 lingo up in hizzle) back in the day. Was my favourite sport.
Hey do you think that your sister would watch my kid too?

Mrs4444 said...

I love chipping in for thoughtful gifts. Hope you got everything you needed :)

This year, since money is tight for my mom and she loves Avon, I got her a bottle of bubble bath and a gift certificate to buy more. She was tickled.

"Precious," huh? That's really cute.