Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fragments: + Graphics!

My children were having a conversation one day this week about what they would wear the next day.

"Why don't you wear pink?" asked The Girl.

"Yes, Girl, I'll wear pink. It's my favorite color."

"Mamma, Pink is The Boy's favorite color!"

The Boy, shaking his head, "Don't you understand sarcasm?"

Apparently not, my boy, apparently not...


This has been floating around facebook.  I find it hysterically true!


Speaking of work, I teach an elective on fractions in the afternoon. This is what we did for Valentine's Day.

And I call myself a Valentine Scrooge!


You know when one of your children does something totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things but it's so "you" that it makes you smile.

The Girl asked me to make her hot chocolate one morning recently and wanted me to put it in a travel mug so she could take it to school. As it was brewing, she got out the milk and poured milk into the bottom of the mug to "get it ready". It's something I do with creamer every morning before work and it made me smile.


I heard this tune on ESPN Radio of all places, on Valentine's Day.  What a blast from the past! I was chair dancing in the driver's seat, much to my children't embarrassment!  Makes me long for the days when I listened to music other than Country!

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SUPAHMAMA! said...

Ok, as a nerdy Mother who likes to "teach" her kids on days they don't go to school, I am LOVING the M&M's fractions. LOVE THEM. Also? I am totally jamming to some L.L. now on my way to work. THANKS FOR THAT!!! Hope you have a great Friday. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I'd eat the fractions.

ChiTown Girl said...

I love that teacher poster. I "stole" a similar one from another teacher the other day, but I think I may have to lift this one, too. :)

The M&M fraction activity is precious!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Just pinned the poster to my "Fourth Grade Rocks" Pinterest board. It's just what I needed. At this time yesterday, I was writing a post about teaching that made me so nervous, I was perspiring while I wrote it!

Happy Friday! (Three day weekend coming here. There?)

Wayne W Smith said...

What a great Valentine exercise! I have that graphic for Professors on mine now. It is amazingly accurate though no one pictures me in a sexy outfit.

Andrea SunnyDays said...

M&M's yum yum! In high school I gave a speech in my senior english class on M&M's. It was when they were coming out with the new color. I even gave out samples. I'm proud to say I got an A!

M&M's rock :)

Tracy Wilson said...

Love the boy:)
(This is Tracy from the Dinner Belle- I started a new blog...not stalking, lol)

Mine are like me too, and I always have to giigle. Even when it's the Evil Twin me they are like.

Have a great weekend!

bill lisleman said...

Sarcasm - I would love to teach that.
Great fraction teaching aid.

Kris said...

That's a great way to teach fractions. I love that LL song, it brings back memories. I always think though when I hear this song and Around the Way Girl that LL was very clever to pretty much be the first rapper to make music for women. He's had loyal fans ever since.

Keetha Broyles said...

Love that teacher graphic - - - except I don't think ANYONE EVER thought I was doing #1, but all the other 5 are spot on!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, and I also MEANT to say, that pink shirt discussion is a classic!

Stephanie said...

I wish my teacher had done math like that@!

Heather said...

It always makes me smile when my children do something that is so me and they don't even realize it.

Love the teacher visual - so true!

Tettelestai said...

Aw, she's watching her mama! That is so cute!

The M&M fractions are wonderful! I had to use matchbox cars for such things when my oldest started school.

LL Cool J, I so remember that song! I would be dancing too! And I listen o country music too ;-)

viviene said...

I want M&Ms!! Hehe...

I've been seeing that thing on facebook too but never really clicked on it..