Thursday, February 2, 2012

PMM: She Get's It

You know how sometimes you wonder if you children are getting it?

You go to these lengths to instill giving and charity and humility and grace in their beings, but they are just children and they behave like kids and they can be selfish and they want, Want, WANT... and you wonder if they will ever get it?

It was a tough weekend here last week after getting the news about Sweet E.  The children and I held hands around the breakfast table and said a prayer for her and The Girl said, "That was weird," making me realize that I've fallen out of the habit of praying with my children...dinner is usually rushed and grace rarely gets said anymore.  We still do bedtime prayers, but they are kind of rote... and I found myself wondering...wondering if life had gotten so busy that I wasn't raising my children in the way in which I'd intended..

Later that same day, I was in my room having a moment.  I'd burnt the grilled cheese I was making for dinner. It was Friday night, I was tired after a long week and in the time it took me to burn the sandwiches, the children had eaten the last remaining slices and there wasn't enough left to make more.  

I lost it a little.  I yelled... at my children...for eating cheese! Seriously!

Then I excused myself to my room and had a cry.

The Girl caught me and I apologized and explained that I wasn't really upset over the dinner.  I was upset because I was worried for Sweet E. I told The Girl that I was confident that she would recover and be okay, but that it was scary for a mom when her child is sick, so I was worried for both Sweet E and her mom.

The Girl looked at me and said, "Mamma, if Sweet E is sick like you said, I know what I will do."

"What?" I asked, a little puzzled.

"I will cut off my hair and give it to her!" she responded with a "Duh" look.

Oh did she get the hardest hug from her Mamma!

The Girl's hair is her crowning glory. It is long and blond and garners comments wherever we go.  It gets so much attention that even our hairdresser makes sure to tell her that it's what's inside her that matters more than her pretty hair.  I've been asking her on and off for years if she wanted to cut it, because it's hard to manage and she doesn't always like to brush it.  I've even tried to tempt her by pointing out when someone we know donates to Locks for Love, so it's something she's heard of, but not something she was ever willing to explore.

But My Girl... oh My Girl... she is listening and watching and when it really counts,

She gets it!

I am so proud.

*As of right now, both she and Sweet E are retaining their hair.  Should it come up again, I'll have a serious talk with her.*


The Blonde Duck said...

And you raised her to do that! :)

Heather said...

Oh Momma! That is a proud moment! She totally gets it.

Slamdunk said...

Congrats. You are doing great mom. I can relate to being angry over cheese. I was mad at the kids the other day for losing the remote. Silly.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

As someone who personally has donated my hair a bunch of times, omg, this totally touched my heart. She's beautiful, as are you - how sweet! And now you made me totally want grilled cheese for breakfast! ;)

Babes Mami said...

What a sweet girl, you are doing a great job momma!

Natalie Gourley said...

Congratulations- such a sweety!

Stacie said...

That is really sweet of your daughter. I can so relate to the burnt grilled cheese. My son things he needs to eat four slices of cheese at a time. He molds into a ball and crams it in his mouth.

Emmy said...

Oh yea!!! That is such a great moment. Yes, moments like that make you realize it is all worth it.
Makes me feel so happy just reading this.
Thank you for linking up.

Diane said...

And it's beautiful moments like that one that make it all worth doing, isn't it? :)

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

There may be a day when she is ready to give her hair to Locks of Love to any child who needs it.

We had two aides with cancer a while back, and we had a Locks of Love assembly. The moms cried, the girls beamed as their hair was cut.

Beautiful they were, and in those moments their insides were shown.

SUPAHMAMA! said...

What a beautiful spirit she has!!! I know it's hard, I'm right there with you, but us Mama's will survive even the roughest of days!

Kmama said...

How sweet!! That is definitely something to be proud of.

Oh, and trust me, I've yelled over sillier things than cheese. Hang in there!!

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