Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments: The Week After Vacation

We've had an interesting week here Below the Mason Dixon Line.

Evie had to have surgery to remove kidney stones yesterday.  We have no family history of this.  I accused her to trying to steal Daddy's thunder.

She was in so much pain last night that Jack called the doctor. Prayers please!


I'm doing my best imitation of a non-custodial parent this week.  As you know, the kids were with Evie last weekend while I was visiting my parents.  Monday, I picked them up at a co worker's house after school. Yesterday I had a big Field Trip to the Beach with my class.  I dropped them off to the same coworker at 6 am.  Then, because we'd be getting back late and today is a Teacher Work Day, they spent the night at another coworker's house and she is bringing them to me at work today. Tomorrow I bring them to meet their father half way and they will spend the week with him.

In a two week span, I will have spent 9 nights away from them.

That NEVER happens!


Speaking of our annual beach field trip. It's kind of a pain. I have to be there early and get home late, which means I have to make other arrangement for my children. I have to get up at the crack of dawn and I know I'll be exhausted afterwards.

Then we get there.  The kids LOVE it.  They tell us how they thought it would be boring, but it was lots of fun. They say things like, "This is the best field trip ever!" For some of our inner city kids, this is the first time they have ever seen the beach, even though it's only 2 hours away from home.

That's when I remember why we do it... why it's worth it, because it is!

My mother was in rare form last weekend.  I have lots of stories.  I'll leave you with this one:

Did you know that all the yoga I've been doing has changed the shape of my body?  Like my legs... they are much thinner.  The last time I was this weight, I was living with my parents and running.  Apparently my legs were still...well, you know...not thin... They are much thinner now...

....According to my mother!

Mommy's Idea


Heather said...

Oh kidney stones are awful. I had one a few years ago and the pain was incomprehensible! I feel so bad for Evie!

That is crazy about the schedule with your kids. I am sure you will be missing them next week!

I need my thighs to get thinner. Yoga you say?

Diane said...

I've known several people who have had kidney stones and I used to have gallstone attacks before I had my gallbladder removed. Definitely not fun stuff. Hope she's feels better soon.

I've been doing yoga, pilates, and zumba forever and my legs? Still aren't thin!

I wish I lived close enough to take a field trip to the beach. It's about five hours for us.

Blond Duck said...

I keep trying to try yoga. I'm just so high intensity it's hard to slow me down.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Your mom's comments, are, um, priceless.

Wayne W Smith said...

I would take a thinner anything...we maybe not anything.

Keetha Broyles said...

Sending my empathy to Evie with the kidney stones. I have never suffered with them myself, but have watched Hubby agonize over/with them time and time again. They are no fun.

Karen and Gerard said...

Those kidney stones are very painful--my husband had them but fortunately was able to pass them and didn't need surgery.

Heather Smith said...

There must be something down here in SC - one of my daughter's 13 year old classmates had to have surgery for kidney stones too... her one kidney was so full that they had to put a stent in for almost a month!

Melinda@LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! said...

I don't know kidney stone pain, gallbladder pain yes but from what I understand it's nothing like kidney stones.
Yoga you say :)

Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear about Evie.

Yes, the beach trips are def a risk reward for parents. Then we have to go back to work to rest and recover.

Mimi B said...

man, my sister in law had stones and she was miserable for a LONG time. Hope she gets better soon!

I've been doing Active 2 for almost 3 months and haven't seen a single difference. I want thinner thighs...any ideas? It's something I'd have to do at home though.

Ahhhh, I'm ready for a beach trip!!


...well, society and fashion etiquette magazines LOVE women with thin, your mother may be on the lookout for you to be the covergirl!!!

Surgery is not fun for anyone. Hope she is recovering nicely.

And........a trip to the beach is ALWAYS worth the effort.

Emmy said...

Well glad your mom noticed your legs. You have been crazy busy!

Mrs4444 said...

Your mom needs to be in a Hollywood sitcom.

I'm feelin' you on the field trip. Ours will be this Thursday, to the Cleopatra exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum. The highlight of the trip, for the students, is sure to be the bus ride. (I'm serious.)

Brain Dumps said...

Your mom cab feel better about you. She's noticing really quickly about your legs.

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