Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fragments: Feeling a Little Refective

The Girl turns 8 this weekend.  EIGHT!  When did that happen???


She was a little bummed because my parents cannot be here, so I cheered her up by explaining that she could celebrate her Birthday Month like Mamma.  She started at the beginning of the month at her father's, would celebrate in the middle with family and friends here, and then my parents would come at the end of the month and we'd celebrate again.  I probably should have thought this through, because I have heard the phrase, "It's MY Birthday Month" no less than three times this week!


Daddy had one last procedure yesterday to put stents in his leg to repair the blockages there.  We were relieved that everything seemed to go really well. Earlier in the week the news was not good; the cardiologist thought that the damage in one leg might be too severe for stents, in which case surgery would be needed.  He also thought more stents would be needed in his other leg.  Luckily, that was not the case and my parents should be heading north late next week!


Don't smoke, people!  Just sayin'. Even Daddy says in hindsight, it's not worth it... he used the statement, "I'm an educated idiot. I should have quit years ago!"


Have you ever found yourself wishing you'd been able to meet someone sooner than you did?  I went to a Memorial service for my friend's Papaw yesterday ~OMGracious!  Papaw, I just love it... soooo southern!~  I only met him once, last summer and by that time he had started his decline and was pretty much just an adorable old man. Listening to the stories shared yesterday... Boy did I miss out!  He was a HOOT! I wish I'd met him sooner and seen him more often!


It's Report Card Week. 'Nough Said!

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Heather said...

Every girl should have a birthday month.

Great news about your father!

Blond Duck said...

I think birthday months are great! I hope she has a good weekend! And I'm so glad your dad is ok!

Dianne R. said...

I love the birthday month. If I'm being honest, I'm 27 and still have a birthday month. I just have so many friends and family to celebrate with, that it ends up just taking that long.

oh and I had a Pawpaw and Paw Brown. <3 and miss them so much. They were both such great story tellers.

kkhphotos said...

I love the idea of a Birthday Month. I think I just might have to do something about that. :) Thanks for stopping by and making my SITS Day awesome!

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm telling you - - - you won't BELIEVE how fast the REST of "the girl's" childhood will fly by.

Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday to your daughter and I like the celebration plan.

Glad your fathers' recovery is still going well. My mom passed away from lung cancer in her mid-50s--an awful way to go. She and my father were long-time smokers. My dad quit cold-turkey when she was diagnosed--like about 16 years ago.

Enjoy your weekend.

Heather Smith said...

I'm all about celebrating my birthday month too!

Babes Mami said...

If not for getting pregnant I probably would have smoked forever. Now, I realize how ridiculous it was and am so glad to have quit!! Over three years now and I'm still going. My smoking sister has been coming around more lately, love her but hate being exposed to so much smoking...makes me dream about me smoking lol

Not a Perfect Mom said...

Hope turned 4 last week and she still thinks it's her birthday...

nancygrayce said...

I'm a big fan of the birthday month! Seems just right to me!

We had a pawpaw and he was wonderful and funny. He smoked and died from lung cancer.....I have to stop myself from jerking cigarettes out of people's hands while explaining to them what nursing a person dying is like. My own dad died from smoking related illness too. It's awful!

Wayne W Smith said...

Happy birthday month to your not so little one!

Nani said...

Happy birthday to the girl! I found as my nieces grew up they got cooler and cooler every year. :)

I totally agree with you on the smoking! I lost a very close friend who didn't quit and it took him from us at only 50!

I often wish I'd met my husband in college. First, it'd mean that I went to an Ivy League school right after high school. Might have put me in a better financial position, but had we met as freshmen all four of our parents would have been alive and in good health. When we met his Mom had been in mental decline fr a while and his Dad and my Mom were both gone. My Mom would have adored him!

confused homemaker said...

Happy Birthday to her!! 8 is a fun age :) and so glad you Daddy surgeries went well, hope he continues to heal.

Tettelestai said...

I have very much felt that way. Wishing I could have met my friend's grandfather also.

A birthday month sounds wonderful!! My daughter danced around her whole birthday week. So funny. Happy Birthday, girlie!!