Thursday, April 19, 2012

PMM: When Your Children Grow Up

The Girl Child turned 8 last weekend.  

My best friend and The Boy Child's Godmother sent her a gift and in the box she included a packet of pictures.  I assumed she was sending me pictures of her children; my Godson, and her second, a baby girl born last fall.  Instead, they were pictures of MY children.  She is home on maternity leave and must be going through old pictures. She included a note saying she'd found doubles and thought I'd get a kick out of them.

The Boy's First Birthday, The Girl's First Christmas, The Girl's First Birthday, Our First Christmas after my divorce... pictures of my babies when they were BABIES... arriving on the day my baby turned 8.  

I'm not going to lie, I cried... I blubbered like a fool.

Of course, it got me to thinking about all of those moments when you realize that your children are growing.

Like the day I realized the Girl had grown taller than 29 inches.

Do you know what 29 inches is?

It's the height of the fridge door if you have a bottom drawer freezer.

The Girl, as as baby, used to follow me to the refrigerator and pull herself up on the handle of the freezer while I got what I needed from the fridge above.

Until one day I went to do this and I knocked her flat on the floor.

Because she was taller than the bottom of the fridge door...

...and I hadn't realized it yet.
Boy Howdy, was I proud of myself that day!

Mommy of the Year...that's me!

Obviously I've recovered ~Yes, that is my sarcasm font.


Heather said...

Aw what a sweet thing to include in her gift.

Those moments when your realize your babies are getting older are bittersweet.

Renegades said...

I thought it would get easier as they grow up. To me it's hard them needing Mommy less.

Emmy said...

Doh! Well something we learn the hard way huh?

And what a fun gift to receive! Thanks for linking up

Deb said...

My baby turned 4 last week and I it truly was bittersweet. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to feel when she turns 8!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

These are the moments that I want a "pause" button on life.......

Tracy Wilson said...

Hahaha- I know this was supposed to be serious but dang that was a great visual!

They give you plenty to be proud of, never fear.
And we almost NEVER knock them on their faces.
thank goodness.

Babes Mami said...

Nate's 'girlfriends' took him for ice cream the other day and they have a measuring chart because if you are under 40" you get a free cone. He is up to 36", that's THREE feet. I'm only 61.5" tall haha

Kmama said...

Oh man! I cry over old pictures too. I have slide shows of the boys for each of their years of life. I always sob when I watch them.

Thank you for linking up!