Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragments: Mish Mosh

My neighbor's children were playing in my yard with my own this week.  I looked out the window to see their 8-year-old standing in the door to the UPS truck that had just pulled up. I yelled out the door for him to get down and they all turned to me and said, "But Porter is in there!"

Seems the 4-year-old was already in the truck running around.  The poor UPS lady, although very gracious, was quite flummoxed by her unexpected travel companion!

Maybe they should put doors on those things!


The Girl and The Boy were discussing some of their classmates. Because we have electives, they mix with children from other grade levels two periods a day.  The Boy mentioned another boy, a fifth grader, with whom he had been playing chess.

The Girl pipes up with, "That's Vera's cousin...well, half cousin."

"Half cousin?" I asked.

"That's what she said. Maybe it's an Indian tradition!"

This child... of course, my children have half-siblings, so they probably have half-cousins somehwere down the line too, but that requires more brain power than I have!


It was an emotional week in my neck of The South. The issue at hand was a serious one and the potential effect the results will have on single mothers like me remains to be seen. Regardless of what side of the argument you fall on, it's NOT a laughing matter.

That said, every time I see this, I snicker. I can't help myself!

incorrect grammar aside


I've taken the day off today as we are off on our annual Family Camp Mother's Day Weekend with our church.  I just had too much to do to get ready including securing a bike rack.  I have two...neither will work on the new car... umm, yeah...about that trailer hitch I've been meaning to put on... Luckily I was saved by the family of one of The Boy's friends. The dad even put the thing on the car for me!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Wayne W Smith said...

Trucks are like crack to kids. I don't know why they are so enamored with them but they sure are.

Diane said...

Omg! The kid getting in the UPS truck sounds so much like something Dracen would have done at that age! Really, I'm surprised it never happened.

As for the amendment passing, I pretty much knew it would since about every other yard in my town had a "Vote for Holy Matrimony" sign in the front yard! Let's just say, I'm in the minority with my social believes around here.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Well, being a Porter, he may have an extra curiosity about packages...

Those trucks are well designed, I wonder what he saw!

Blond Duck said...

Have a great weekend! :)

bill lisleman said...

the UPS trucks do have doors and they shut and lock them in areas where they worry about theft. I don't think they worry too much about curious kids but maybe they should. I guess the trucks could be associated with presents.

Tiffany said...

The UPS truck thing, that was funny and scary in the same moment. Scary- after watching Dateline, funny because my son loves our UPS driver at work.

Laurie Matherne said...

I wonder how much the UPS lady would charge to ship an 8 year old. Just curious.

Keetha Broyles said...

I could have "fixed" the UPS lady's "problem" for her. My BIL just retired from being a center manager for UPS and because of HIM I know that she is SUPPOSED to keep her bulk head door (the door between the cab and the back end of the UPS van) closed at all times - - if she had DONE so, no one could have gotten in there to run around now, could they? UNLESS, they hopped in the back doors - - - but of course, she wasn't supposed to leave those open either.

Gotta "love" those UPS rules - - - they are there for a reason, even if 99.99999% of the drivers DON'T follow them.

Tettelestai said...

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

I had no idea what was going on in your neck of the woods lately. Will have to read up on that.

I loaded those UPS trucks and you can tell the kids that they are just cold hard metal and is unforgiving when you stand up suddenly under the shelves ;-)

Babes Mami said...

Nate is too scared of the 'PPS Mans' truck to go get in it haha

I was so disappointed about the way that turned out. I am also disappointed that my friends assume all southern people are idiots who hate everyone. I'm interested to see what happens from here.

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, it takes a village to raise a single mom, too :) I'm really happy for you; that you know someone willing to help like that.

Wow on the UPS truck thing. I wonder if they every accidentally drive away with unexpected company.

Have a great time this weekend!! :)

Amy said...

I am surprised the UPS truck was there long enough for the kid to get inside. Whenever UPS delivers to my house, they are back in the truck and heading off before I can get the door open and say Thank You. I am starting to wonder if "Door Bell Ditch" olympian is a job requirement. No offense to UPS drivers. They bring the "Calm the heck down pills."

Not sure what it up in your neck of the woods. May have to look it up.