Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fragments: Small Favors

It is official. My parents should just stay out of the state of PA. Remember this? Well, they are on there way here and yesterday in PA, a belt and pulley went on Daddy's truck and he had to man handle and diesel truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer with no power steering or breaks off the highway to the nearest dealership. Luckily, four hours later and for comparatively little money ~small favors~  they are back on the road, but my aunt ~Daddy's sister~ and I agree: NO MORE PA! 


Another long week Below the Mason Dixon Line. Yesterday we went on our annual Walking Field Trip. We walt two miles to "downtown" then back. Yesterday it was only 90 degrees.~small favor~ Last year it was 106 degrees when we went. Even with the "lower" temperatures, I'm pooped! 


I found out this week that I will be moving down a few grades next year. I'm THRILLED, but right now, it adds to the stress, KWIM? 


I'm going to a Pinterest Party Saturday night. Have you been to one? Someone starts a party baord and everyone posts what they are bringing. I'm looking forward to it... plus, with my parents here, babysitting is FREE.

Here's what I'm brining: 


I mentioned the RV. For the first time in at least a year, my parents aren't staying with me~ small favors.~ I still OCD cleaned last night and maybe went Mommie Dearest on my children over the playroom, but I'm not quite as anxious. Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Mary said...

Enjoy having your parents there! Free babysitting: Woo-hoo! :)
Visiting from Mrs. 4444!

Wayne W Smith said...

I find I like to change what classes I teach every few years. It does help to keep everything fresh even though it is a bit more work.

julie said...

Free babysitting is always a bonus! I think my mom's decided I have too many kids to make it worth her while. lol Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

It was 90 here yesterday too. Looks like the weekend is supposed to be a little less hot however!

I've not heard of a Pinterest party but sounds like fun. I'm sure the berries will be a big hit! I saw where you pinned that the other day and almost re-pinned but figured I'd never really make it. Let us know how they turn out.

Heather said...

I have never heard of a Pinterest party. It sounds fun!

Your parents are scaring me lately - seriously!

Moving down a few grades- is it a grade you have taught before?

Ann in the UP said...

Yum! Strawberries! Wish I were closer. It is 46 degrees here.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

All field trips are exhausting!

What grade?

Just talking with a PTO mom who treated us with chocolate covered strawberries. I've never made them and want to make hers...she said, "Make sure they're dry before dipping!" So there you go. If you have experience in this, forgive me for throwing in someone else's two cents!

nancygrayce said...

Could you drop by and OCD clean for me a little??? I really would appreciate it!

Glad your parents got through PA and man, having an RV, I understand what it's like when something goes haywire with them. It's so not good!

Have fun at your Pinterest party!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Those strawberries sound divine- and dangerous!!

Happy FF!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That Pinterest party sounds so fun! Have a great weekend.

AutismWonderland said...

Free babysitting is the best! My parents live 20 minutes away and I still get all crazy cleaning when I think they're coming over :)

Blond Duck said...

Is it a physical party or computer party?

misssrobin said...

Good luck with your weekend. Glad your parents are okay. And have fun at your party.

Stopping by from SITS.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Pinterest party sounds excellent. I'm all over that idea! :>

Keetha Broyles said...

Until I moved to South Carolina I didn't even know what the Mason Dixon line WAS.

It is NEVER mentioned up here.

Mimi B said...

Man, it sounds like you have a LOT going on!! I never know if teachers like moving grades. I've never heard of a Pinterest Party!! I want to know more about this. lol Have fun.

Laurie Matherne said...

What grade are you moving to? I liked fourth and sixth the most. Younger than third made me nervous.

Frugal in WV said...

I've never heard of a pinterest party, but it sounds fun! I need to get my in-laws to babysit soon, free babysitting is great :)

Jenn and Casey said...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! A pinterest party might inspire me to actually DO something off my pinterest boards... LOL.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

um, strawberries soaked in urine?
have fun with your parents! Or at least try to survive! ha!

Mrs4444 said...

LOL, Not a Perfect Mom!

Down two grades, huh? Packing up a classroom is NO fun, but teaching little ones is, I'm sure; I'm glad you're happy.

Wow! That's a hot walk!! I assume you're out of school now.Have a wonderful summer break! :)