Monday, August 13, 2012

A Southern Series: Chicken and Waffles

Where I come from*, waffles are for breakfast and served with syrup or fruit or if we are being particularly decadent, ice cream or whipped cream, but chicken???

I think not!

The Girl is a huge waffle eater and Mamma is more of a Breakfast for Dinner kind of gal, because she just doesn't have the energy in the morning.  But...

It's summer

I'm home

I was maybe feeling a little guilty.

When I made the grocery list, The Girl reminded me that I needed to get eggs so I could make waffles and I did. The Boy and I woke up the next morning and I looked at him over his bowl of Fruity Pebbles and said, "Your sister is going to want me to make waffles!" 

I made a funny face.

He grinned.

Sure enough, The Girl bounded out, minutes later, asking, "Mamma, will you make us waffles? You promised!"

I told her she would have to wait because I was blogging.

Then I did... I made a whole batch. I put blueberries in two, but then I ran out, so the rest were plain. The children ate exactly two

I was standing in the kitchen, looking at the colossal mess I'd created for two waffles and I started thinking about dinner. I looked at the three plain waffles I had left and I thought of the whole chicken and waffles thing.

I hit the internet and found this recipe over at The Pioneer Women's Tasty Kitchen.  With it as my guide, I present you

Sorta Southern Single Mom's Chicken and Waffles
Yield: 3 servings
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 chicken breast, bone in**
1 egg
1 T Hot Sauce
3/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 t baking powder
1 t Lawry's Seasoned Salt
1 t Poultry Seasoning
dash pepper
3 T butter
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
3 homemade waffles
pancake syrup

Heat the oil over medium heat using in a cast iron skillet ~ look at me, being so southern with my skillet!!!~ Cut skin from chicken breast and remove from bone. Separate tenderloin and cut the breast into 5 tenderloin shaped pieces.  Mix egg and hot sauce in a bowl and add chicken pieces and stir to coat.  In a resealable bag, combine flour, baking powder, Seasoned Salt, Poultry Seasoning and pepper.  Set aside 3 T. Remove chicken from egg mixture and add to bag. Shake to coat. Fry pieces in hot oil until done.

Drain and discard oil and wipe skillet clean with a paper towel~ Be careful, it's hot! ~  Return skillet to heat and melt butter.  Sprinkle reserved flour mixture over the butter, let set for a minute then whisk until golden brown. Add broth** whisking until smooth. Let thicken.

Microwave or toast waffles to reheat.

To assemble, place one waffle on each plate. Top with two chicken pieces. Pour gravy over the top and drizzle with pancake syrup.


I might be making waffles more often! These were SO good!

* My word, I'm quoting lyrics to country songs!

**You can use boneless chicken, but bone-in is cheaper. Plus, if you don't have broth on hand, you can throw the bones in a pot of boiling water with a little Seasoned Salt and make your own while the chicken fries! ~Look at me being all thrifty!


Heather said...

The evolution is complete. You are now completely southern. A northerner would never even think to make chicken and waffles!!!

And your children might be even more southern than you!

If I liked waffles that might even look yummy!!!

Diane said...

Honestly, this is a first for me. This must be popular in a different part of the south. When we moved from North Georgia to North Carolina when I was 15, I was amazed at how many little differences there were in southern food varieties and southern slang.

It looks really good though. Makes me think if Chick Fil-A. Those waffle fries are like crack!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Bread is bread, and we did some makeshift sandwiches with waffles as kids, but I could never be Southern as I don't like maple syrup!

Eva Gallant said...

wow, now that's something I'd never have thought of! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks delicious!

Babes Mami said...

I've had it before and the waffle was a little more cornbready, things that shouldn't go together but they do!

Pepper said...

Wow chicken and waffles... I never thought...

I'm sure my daughter will love that combination. She is an undisputed waffle fan. I can always eat what's left over :)

Thanks for sharing that recipe.

Erin said...

Ha! Ha! Love the song quote. Sounds yummy, but I'm not so sure I could make it myself.

Tricia said...

I love chicken and waffles. Love. I didn't even know it is a Southern thing until a few weeks ago. Sweet and savory together is the best. Noms.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I've never had chicken & waffles =O

WhisperingWriter said...

YUM! I've had chicken and waffles before and I was amazed on how much I enjoyed them together.

Charlotte Klein said...

Oh, I'm a HUGE fan of breakfast for dinner :) Sometimes it's just so easy after a long day.

Sounds interesting the whole chicken/waffle mix.

Miss you bunny. Hope you are enjoying the weekend, my love. XOXO

nancygrayce said...

Yum! That sure sounds wonderful!