Monday, August 20, 2012

Small Town Legacies

When I was home a few weeks back, my parents had my grandparents and aunt over for pizza one night.  We were all sitting out back, because you can do that in August in The Great White North and not be baked to a crisp!  

Next door, someone was mowing the lawn.  This sparked much conversation, because after the death of my lifelong next door neighbor a few years ago, his children have finally put the house on the market, but have apparently been less than diligent about the lawn.

So they hired "a local" and the conversation around the table in my parent's yard went something like this:

My Grandpa: What's that noise?  Who's that mowing over there?

Mom:  That's Louie Carvello*.

Daddy:  He's in much better shape now that he isn't diving down the steps of [insert name of local professional baseball team] stadium.

Mom: Honey, that was years ago!

My Aunt:  I went to high school with Louie Carvello. Or was it Anthony??

Daddy:  I know, like I said, he's better now... calmed down once he got married.

Mom: To that 80 year old woman. Then she died.

Daddy: But she left him her house.

Mom: And she got him to stop drinking.

Daddy: Well, he was always nice when he was sober. He just wasn't sober very much.

My Aunt: Yup, it was Louie. I definitely graduated with Louie!

Mom: Alcohol is always the problem!

This is why I moved 600 miles away from my hometown.  In such a small town, I wonder what my legacy would be.  What would people sit around in their back yards and ponder about me. 

Nothing.  I didn't stick around long enough to earn a reputation!

Thank goodness for small favors!

Did you leave a legacy? Would people in your hometown have a story to tell about you?


myevil3yearold said...

I am not from a samll town but DH is and he was their high school all star quarterback. Now, when we visit up there people still come up and ask him how his throwing arm is. I giggle because DH is 33 and not throwing a football much at all and although he is skinny couldn't run the length of a football field.

Diane said...

This makes me think of that Miranda Lambert song, "Everybody Dies Famous In A Small Town." It really is true.

Slamdunk said...

True with the small town baggage Single mom and nice observation Diane.

We have lived in a small college town for more than 10 years now and are still considered outsiders. In speaking with our local friends, they know lots about everyone's business...

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Except for our immediately across the street neighbors, I don't think anyone remembers me!

Jessica Grace said...

Your so lucky I can only imagine the horror story's and gossip that was spread about me. Small towns really are the worst. But at least in small towns its everyone's burden.

Aleta said...

I live in the suburbs right outside of New Orleans. It's a busy area. Hard to get to know the neighbors kind of place, which I think is sad.

Babes Mami said...

I did leave one, and it wasn't a good one but I think I've been changing peoples minds now!

"GB" said...

Funny. I am so glad I am not from a small town, could not handle everyone up in my business all the time!

Missy said...

This is exactly one of the reasons I moved from my small town too - everyone knows everything about everyone and that's annoying!

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