Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writer's Workshop: When I was Younger

When I was younger
we spent hours together,
Coloring in books you kept in a bag
hanging on the back of the bedroom door,
And making collages on paper plates out of the egg shells
leftover from the egg salad you served for lunch.

When I was younger
we played Slap Jack at the kitchen table
And went for walks in the woods,
tying yarn to the trees so we could find our way home.
We got lost anyway.

When I was younger,
I knew when I walked through the door,
the am radio would be on in the corner
And the kitchen would smell like the coffee
you kept warm in a pot on the stove all day.

When I come to see you now,
you struggle to get out of bed to see me.
Your pain is visible in the way you sometimes seem 
to leave the room while sitting right there in the chair
And you lose track when we play Skip Bo in the Living Room

And I long for the days
When I was younger...

Mama’s Losin’ It
2.) Write something that begins and ends with the words "When I was younger". (inspired by


Heather said...

Beautiful. I think we all have someone like this in our lives.

doseofreality said...

What a perfect use of that prompt. Totally made me cry.

Jen said...

Oh what a beautiful poem. I often long for those days of when I was younger.

Diane said...

This is really beautiful. Made me tear up.

Unknown Mami said...

Oh my goodness, this is painfully beautiful. Life is such a trip.

Rachel said...

Beautiful, beautiful poem. I like what you did with this prompt.

Melanie said...

How touching! This is absolutely beautiful.

Mimi B said...

That was such a tender post! Very sweet!

Paloma said...

Very sweet indeed... Thanks for sharing!

kaye said...

oh that is very nice! I find myself longing for the days when I was younger--for moments with my parents, my little kids, my grandkids. Life goes by in such a hurry. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Aleta said...

Technology is a wonderful thing is that it connects us to so many people... but it's a childhood thief at times too.

I remember the outdoor days of summer fun :)

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

That's a really lovely poem and made me remember people in my lives. Thanks for sharing!

Hoping over from SITS today, hope you have a great weekend.

Julia Hunter said...

So beautiful. Stopping by from Share fest.

OneMommy said...

The last stanza brought tears to my eyes.

Such a powerful response the prompt this week.

Jessica Grace said...

very sweet

(Single)Mommy said...

This poem is absolutely beautiful!