Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fragments: Sickness, Coffee and Christmas!

Move over Daddy! 
This stuff is my new hero!

Forget special and expensive head lice treatments!!! This stuff takes the cake.  I *think* we have finally, Finally, FINALLY kicked the lice!  Can I get an AMEN?

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I was home this week with a sick child.  Leaving myself humming a little ditty I made up called, "Can I catch a break, please?" 

Then I realized I kind of did... the sick kid got me a day off and I'd better enjoy it because when I went back to work the next day it would be an even bigger I did nothing, except laundry.


The sick day also put a dent in my coffee supply.  I've mentioned before I get mine from a friend who is a micro-roaster... I try to time my requests so that I don't run out, but am able to actually clean out the large glass jar in which I keep it between reorders.  I called this week... seems I am competing with a bike tour making its way across the state that descended upon the shop and depleted the coffee supply.  I thought I'd be okay, but then I had a mishap involving forgetting to put the filter basket in, which dropped the grounds straight into the pot and THEN I had a sick kid on a cold, rainy, fall day... I might run out.

This is not good... stinkin' bikers! 


I thought it was bad the other night when the first Christmas commercial fo the year came on while I was watching the premiere of Nashville, but then, when I was out running last night, I saw that someone on my route had their Christmas tree up!  Jeepers!  We aren't even halfway through October yet! 
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doseofreality said...

I saw a Christmas commercial the other night and thought my head was going to explode!!!-Ashley

Paloma said...

Happy Coffee Friday to you! I am ready ;) ... The post was published at 6 a.m. ;)

Wayne W Smith said...

Having sick kids at home is such tough work...It makes you want to go to work to have a break.

Tracy said...

I've seen Christmas stuff in the craft stores but to already have their tree up at a house is pure insanity.

Holly Diane said...

I saw Christmas decorations at the hospital yesterday...can we get thru halloween first??

Kristin Leamy said...

holy cow...yeah I've seen Xmas stuff in stores, but in HOMES? Seriously early, folks!

Keetha Broyles said...

We did a similar lice treatment to our granddaughter's head with mayo, only we left the mayo in over night with a plastic wrap around it.

It was the only way we got rid of those nasty little pests too.

I haven't yet seen a Christmas tree up, but stores are already FULL of Christmas decor. I must confess I bought a few things to Chrisstmassize my water can display in front of our house. But they will NOT be going out there until the day after Thanksgiving.

nancygrayce said...

So sorry about the sick child AND the coffee!

Oh, if I see a Christmas commercial or a tree up, I may not be responsible for my actions!

Blond Duck said...

They had Christmas stuff next to the back to school stuff in August here.

"GB" said...

Really a tree is up? Wow that is really early and don't people know holidays come in order.

copilotmom said...

I had a sick little guy at my house this week, too. It's hard when they are sick.

And yes, it is way too early for Christams trees and commercials!

Michelle Montero said...

It's been a sick house here, too. I have to admit, I don't mind the days I have to stay home with the kids when they are sick. I find that I get a lot done around the house. Coffee situation? I feel for you. No coffee in this house = bad situation:)

realinto said...

Sorry about the sick kid. And the coffee. And a Christmas Tree,. Really!?!

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Paloma said...

Sorry about the rough week! Having a sick little one is never easy! Thank you for joining Coffee Friday! Hugs! said...

Happy Saturday SHAREFEST.... A Christmas tree already????? That is crazy.
I sing to myself too when dinosaur is sick.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Someone has a Christmas tree up? That is insane.

Lice. Good tips. That's such a pain.

Sorry about your sick child, but sometimes, it is nice to get a day off, especially from your job.

Mimi B said...

So thankful that with 4 kids we never had lice. whew, dodged that bullet! Dang bikers, sorry it's gonna be hard to get your coffee! And we started setting up Christmas at work on Sept 10th! A travesty to be sure! We have one more wave to go at the beginning of Nov and then we'll be done.

Carly said...

I'll have to remember that trick for lice. Fortunately I've never gotten it, but as a teacher I've had many many students with lice.