Monday, October 8, 2012

Signs of Fall

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Fall is in the air my friends. Here is how I know!
  1. Football, football, more football.
  2. Apples...pie, cider or just by themselves. I love me a tart, juicy Mac!
  3. Pumpkins... pie, bread, on the front porch
  4. Changing leaves... I was told when I moved Below the Mason Dixon Line that I would miss the leaves. I scoffed. Well, five years later, I am here to tell you I need me some changing leaves!
  5. First fire in the fireplace.... Oh how I love that down here that simply means flipping a switch to turn on the gas logs.
  6. S'mores in the fire pit... A fall activity here because it's too hot in the summer.
  7. A warm fleecy sweater... for those crisp, cool afternoons outside and because I'm cheap one won't turn on the heat! 
  8. The Great Costume Discussion that begins in preparation for Halloween...not that I manage to actually get costumes until the weekend before. *sigh*
I was aiming for 10 things, but I could not think of two more, so I asked my children?  The Boy was no help. Here is his list, in order, without looking at mine:  Leaves on the ground, football, apples, pumpkins, Halloween and Jack-o-lanterns.  I guess he's mine! *grins*

I originally wrote this post last week to link up with Monday Listicles after missing the Writer's Workshop on the same topic the week before. I figure, heck, it's still fall, right?I might as well just go ahead, because apparently, everybody else is doing it!


Blond Duck said...

I've been eating two apples a day, just because they've been so GOOD!

doseofreality said...

Given that it is super chilly and fall like today this was the perfect post to read! :)-Ashley

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Fall is nice and cozy. :) I like your list!!

Aleta said...

Your list made me smile. I adore Fall :) We have a nice cool day today and yesterday and I it makes me feel like dancing :)

Diane said...

Oh yes, I love me some fall! But today feels too much like winter for my blood. I'm ready for my 75-80 degree weather back.

And what? You don't have beautiful changing leaves where you live? I didn't think you were that far from me? They are just now beginning to change here at my house. Peak here is usually toward the end of October/first of November.

Paloma said...

I've been enjoying some beautiful days as well! Loving this temperature! -deep sigh- soooo good!

Heather said...

Love your list. Ever since we have started football I feel like we hardly get to enjoy winter, well not the real traditional parts, we do get to enjoy all the weather - the good and the bad.

And I did make an apple pie last week, that my family ate in 24 hours by eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jennifer Gills said...

Aaahh Fall! When I wrote a Top 10 Fall Faves post last week I too asked my son to help. His response? Pumpkins shaped like butts, hot apple butt pie, wearing a butt costume for Halloween...can you tell what his favorite word is?

Babes Mami said...

Fall is one of the times I miss being home in Iowa, we get chill here and I hear it's going to be a cold winter but it's just not the same!