Monday, October 15, 2012

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today, I became a mother.
It was the thing I had always dreamed I'd be. 
Ten years later, I'm so proud of the sweet boy who was the first to call me "Mamma." 
My Boy: One Day Old

Stealing the idea from Diane at Be Still a Minute, I present you with 

10 Stories I Love to Tell About My Boy
  1. When the midwife laid him on my stomach after he was born. He looked up at me and immediately stuck his thumb in his mouth. I will never forget that moment... the moment my dream came true, followed swiftly by the thought, "Oh no you don't!  I can't take that thumb away. There is a binky in the car with your name on it."  He kept those darn binks until he was 3.5 and the dentist told him he had to give them up by the time he was 4. The Binky Fairy brought him a Wiggles CD.
  2. He hated to be left and wouldn't let anyone but his dad or my parents hold him even if I was in the room.  I would leave him with my neighbor when I was pregnant so I didn't have to drag my baby (heck, he was only 9 months old when I got pregnant again) with me to my ob appointments and he cried every time...screamed.  One evening, with our husbands away, we decided to get together for pizza.  When he saw where we were going, he dug his heels in, put the breaks on, and threw a fit. Hugely pregnant me, picked him up and carried him up the stairs while chanting, "Look! Mamma is taking her coat off! I'm staying!"
  3. One day, when he was a little over a year, my aunt called and while I was talking to her, she drew my attention to what he was doing in the background. He had the board book Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree on his lap and was "reading" it to himself.  His words were total babble, but he was mimicking my intonation, inflection and rhythm to a tee.  My aunt actually started to cry. 
  4. We went to Subway one afternoon with the intent of bringing his dad lunch at work.  I looked at the sandwiches, drinks, my 6-month-pregnant belly, and my 15-month-old and realized I was going to have to hold his hand and let him walk with me to the car.  I cried the whole way, because I realized my baby was about to be a big brother and would always have to walk from now on.
  5. I was at the counter in the pediatrician's office trying to check out for The Girl's one-month check up. She was on the floor in her carrier SCREAMING!  My 19-month-old boy, bent down, found her binky in the carrier, and popped it into her mouth so she would stop crying.  The receptionist, who had to see stuff like that all the time, couldn't get over how cute he was!
  6. When he was not yet two and we had just moved into our new house, he walked up to the fridge, starting plucking off letters and naming them.  I turned to his dad in awe, exclaiming, "I didn't teach him that!' His father gently pointed out, that while yes, he was smart, we could not take credit because the fridge letter were the Leap Frog ones that told him the names of the letters when he put them in the toy!
  7. When he was three, his grandparents bought him a new pair of frog rainboots and I broke my rule just for him and allowed "my child" to go out in public in bright green rainboots on a perfectly sunny day.  He was so proud of those darn boots!
  8. When he was four, he fell in his dad's basement and cut his chin open.  After driving like a bat out of he!! to meet them at the hospital an hour-and-a-half away, he was totally chill... he gave the ER doc a play by play of the basketball game on the TV WHILE she was stitching his chin!
  9. He is so timid and so brave at the same time.  New situations were so hard for him, but he would buck up like a champ. His first day at his new preschool Below the Mason Dixon Line,  he as so nervous, but he walked in, letting go of my hand, with silent tears flowing, and persevered while I hung out in the office, out of sight to make sure he'd be okay...and he was!
  10. When he was about 6, we went to my cousin's for New Year's Day. My children didn't know them that well yet and they have girls, so being the only boy, he spent the first part of the day on my lap. Then my cousin turned on football and he morphed into a totally different kid.  My cousin's wife was hysterical watching him dive in and out of view in the other room and he gave a play-by-play of the game. He still loves it to this day and I think had has a future in sportscasting.
My Boy:  Enjoying his 10th Birthday Gift from his Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Boy!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You know what stands out to me soooo much here is how deep your mama love is for that boy. I felt it from your first little story and it wove through every one. It touches my heart because I had that instant bond with my first too. I have as deep a bond with my other one too, but it just took longer to develop.

Anyhow, I just adore this. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch your adorable scenarios all take place. :)

doseofreality said...

Such a sweet list of stories! :) I loved them all! Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy!-Ashley

Blond Duck said...

Happy birthday to your little man! :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Awww...Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!!!

And, thanks for giving me my first cry of the day. Glad I got that one out of the way nice and early. ;-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I agree with Liz. My firstborn was a boy too and it's just a bond like no other. I LOVED THIS!!! And Happy Birthday to him. xo

Babes Mami said...

Happy Birthday to him!! said...

Happy Birthday to your little man...that is great...what wonderful memories.

Diane said...

Aww. Double digits! Loved reading all about your "young man". Happy Birthday to him! :)

Shell said...

So sweet! Happy birthday to him! :)

Blond Duck said...

Hope he had a good bday!

Paloma said...

Aw! How sweet Happy birthday to him!!! :)

Kathryn said...

This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to him and hope you have another 10 years of wonderful memories. :)

Stopping by from SIT's! Have a wonderful day!

Kathryn @

Erin said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Belated Birthday to your little guy. I loved reading each of your stories about him. I might have to borrow this idea from you :)

Charlotte Klein said...

Can I tell you how much I loved this post? Your love for your sweet little guy is just overflowing. Beautiful. XOXO

Carly said...

beautiful memories of your little one! Those first few moments are precious!

JeanHasBeenShopping said...

I hope he has a wonderful birthday! I've enjoyed learning more about him (and you) this morning.