Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fragments: Complaining 101

Oy!  I'm especially glad it's Friday. This has been a busy week!


My principal sent an email late yesterday afternoon telling us we were expected to have something available for tomorrow. Pair that with the fact that we have to be in an hour early this morning for a meeting that will last until the arrival bell and everyone went into a tailspin.

I even found myself at Target looking for a WiFi card for my computer so that I could try to get it done while I was stuck at football.

No Luck!


The CMAs were on, so at least I had something good for background noise.


I attended a workshop this week on Kagan Cooperative Learning.  It was seriously one of the best workshops I've ever attended and left me wishing time was built into the schedule to actually process and immediately implement what was learned.

I did start a few things and after the first day, one student exclaimed, "This is SO MUCH FUN!"


We Trick-or-Treated with friends this week. Major MOM Fail on the pumpkin carving, which we did not get done last weekend, so a friend did it with my children after school on Wednesday because I was stuck at work.


I did finally get in a run this week... my first since the 5K.  It's chilly down here... makes for a different running experience!


Three Cheer's for You if you made it through that! Even I can see it's a whole lot of complaining! I should be grateful:  For my job, because I have one; that my family and friends up north were spared the burnt of Sandy and so were we.

There two things to be thankful for on the 2nd of November!
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Keetha Broyles said...

I remember those lovely little "surprises" while I was teaching. Just when you think you can't do another thing.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

But we always seem to be able to do another thing. We are amazing! ;)

Conferences for me, all went well and today I'm off. :)

In my former neighborhood, it was safer to run outside, and I had a nice three mile loop around a golf course. I used to love to run in the cold, it was the only time I'd be warm all day. I think that actually made me almost look forward to it!

Have a good weekend.

Heather said...

Eeek! It has been a week that's for sure. Are you almost done with football. My son had a play-off game last night which his team lost so they don't have another game until next weekend. And that will hopefully wrap it up.

The cheerleaders are a whole other story! I think my daughter's team is going to Nationals again - UGH!!

I hope you have a better weekend!

bill lisleman said...

School department meetings - coming from the corporate world I had days full of meetings. One of our teacher daughters had an after-classes meeting this week and I got to watch her daughter (the youngest of our grandkids) in her classroom while she attended the meeting. We had fun. I'm not complaining about that meeting.

Laurie Matherne said...

I hated, loathed, abhorred, and despised teachers' meetings. WhY? I finally decided it was because teachers, at least in my experience, are very bad listeners. They like to talk. And a teacher who leads a meeting will talk, and talk, and talk, and you know. Bless you.

GB DB said...

Sounds like you deserve a restful weekend, here is to hoping that happens.

Erin said...

Great job on making it through the 5K. I couldn't do that!

The Kagan learning sounds interesting. I'll have to google it! Oh time and time to teach? Those are 2 things that I miss!

It was cold for Halloween here too. My kids had to wear layers and hats and gloves which pretty much ruined the costumes.

I got to watch the last part of the CMAs too. I had to go back to work that night and clean up because I left early to take Baby M to the doctor.

nancygrayce said...

I "carved" exactly one pumpkin in my life.....I stuck my hand in that slimy mess and said "NO MORE!" My poor kids! Maybe that stunted them emotionally for life, but they may or may not be over it by now! :)

Good for you on the running!

Now have a weekend of rest if you can!

Karen and Gerard said...

We don't carve pumpkins at our house, but I was tempted when they were FREE at Giant Eagle today!

Heather Smith said...

Hugs to you ... hoping you got the project done!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I did absolutely NOTHING for Halloween. The girls were with their dad this year and I worked till 7pm. I intended to carve pumpkins at some point, it just never happened. =/

Tettelestai said...

You know what, vent it out!! Much better than venting at kids ;-) we can take it!!

Babes Mami said...

I don't think it's a lot of complaining!!

Stephanie said...

I'm with you. Sandy put everything in perspective for me this week :)
Hang in there baby!

Mimi B said...

ugh, sounds like it was quite a week for you! I got the boys pumpkins, but my oldest's didn't turn out right so the ex got a 2nd one...that never got worked on. fail. Life happens, eh?

Charlotte Klein said...

Yikes. Sounds to me like you've been running yourself ragged. Do take care of yourself, my sweet one! Also I hate meetings. LOATHE them in fact. When I'm president I will do away with them forever :)