Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fragments: Fireballs, Fresh Veggies, and Facebook

"Be Brave, Boy!" I heard from the backseat of the car this week, "I'm going to die through it!" 

What were my children doing, you ask? 

 Eating Fireballs!


I took the leftover tomato halves from the recipe I posted on Wednesday, chopped them up and scrambled them with eggs for a yummy breakfast! I'm planning on making butternut squash risotto this weekend as well... Not a shabby list of meals for a $25 box of veggies. I might really need to look into delivery again! 


I have issued a moratorium on my personal facebook page for the next week or so~not my blog one~ because I couldn't stomach how disrespectful and ungracious people were being on both sides! Be a gracious loser or winner and respect the office of the president. He's still the leader of our country whether you like it or not and I don't see "you" signing up for the job! 


Speaking of the election. I rarely share for whom I vote. If asked by a friend or family I will share, but I'm really careful not to discuss it with my students. When you work with little ones, they tend to think the world of you and I think it's inappropriate to try to influence them like this. At this age, the values that decide for whom they will vote when they are older should be discussed at THEIR dinner table.  They did know that I voted, though. I think that's the most important part!


My shipment of coffee finally arrived!  My grandmother up north got hers before I got mine, so either it flew 600 miles faster than it drove 100 OR my letter carrier keeps it because it makes the mail truck smell do good!
Mommy's Idea
The Coffee Shop


GB DB said...

What sort of coffee? Have you watched that show on TV about the coffee? I have no clue what it is called or what channel but it was interesting, they were in Haiti looking for coffee.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

Wayne W Smith said...

I need more vegetable any good ones to share. That is impressive work in your first frag!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love fireballs...haven't had them in years! Have a wonderful weekend!

Diane said...

Ha! The fireballs comment from the backseat sounds like something I'd hear. Only it wouldn't be nearly that nice, I'm sure. My boys love to hate each other though we all know they really don't.

I know what you mean about the election and facebook. It took every ounce of willpower within me not to pounce on some of the idiotic things people were posting but in the end, I took the high road.

doseofreality said...

Facebook this week has been a nightmare. It's been really disappointing. If anything, I think it was worse this weekend than before the election. Blech.

Have a great weekend! --Lisa

Tami said...

I agree with you regarding to being private about voting. It's not that I am ashamed by my candidate. I just believe it is a private matter to be discuss in the home. My teenage boys are learning about politics in school, so we took the opportunity to discuss both sides with them.

Keetha Broyles said...

OK, that fireball back seat discussion is HANDS DOWN the funniest thing I've heard today!!!

Laurie Matherne said...

Fireballs! Wow. That can hurt, but in a good way. I agree that I am fed up with the rancor and hate about the election. Enough. Get over it.

Babes Mami said...

I haven't had a fireball in years!!

Tettelestai said...

Ooh, if you are a coffee snob I should send you a pound of this locally roasted Alaskan coffee. Super yummy!

I think whole election thing got ugly. I would love to see some regulation there!

What are fireballs?

May I have your butternut squash risotto recipe? That sounds so awesome!!!

Mimi B said...

I appreciate that you let the class know you voted, but don't make it personal. I think all the Social Media outlets that had people being nasty to each other was just ridiculous!

As for the food and recipes...enjoy! that breakfast sound delicious!

Jan said...

Very wise words... and I can't understand people getting so personal these days. There used to be a saying "we agree to disagree".

Erin said...

I totally agree about the comments regarding the election. I read comments where people posted that the world was coming . . . seriously?! The end of the world. Um yeah I think not!

Paloma said...

Very wise to not share who you vote for... I am sad how some people get really disrespectful with the whole voting thing... I wasn't happy about it (there... I shared who I voted for, LOL) but I didn't need to insult anybody and I know we still need to support our President... :) Big Hugs! (and thanks for linking back to me ;) )

Not a Perfect Mom said...

One of my friend's kids asked if people went to a special presidents school before running....not a bad idea, really

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm so glad the election is OVER. Now if people would just quit pissing and moaning! Ugh!
The veggie box sounds wonderful!