Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fragments: KWIM

Elf on the Shelf? Yay or Nay?  We are an elfless family. I think its a great tradition and if I'd known about it earlier, probably would have done it, but I just can't take on another tradition, KWIM?


I am going with Lawn Boy to his work holiday party this weekend.  I know we have been together for over 6 months, but work parties... that feels all official, KWIM?


I feel pressure over not starting any Christmas shopping and it's not even December.  Good grief!  Stupid media and commercialism, KWIM?


You know you are tired when you let you children stay up to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and you fall asleep halfway through. So much for quality time with your childrn, KWIM?


Speaking of Charlie Brown and Christmas, the inside of my house is all decorated and cheerful. Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is up, since we'll be out of town, but I haven't gotten to the outside lights yet. It's been chilly and I just think that if I live Below the Mason Dixon Line, one of the perks should be NOT having to put up lights in the cold, KWIM?


I bragged about The Boy's AIG scores last year. When I got The Girl's last week, there was a big discrepancy in her Math, which was off the chart, and her Verbal/Reading. I was a little alarmed, because I'd noticed the same thing at home. I went to the school psychologist and she pretty much told me to relax... yes, reading is comparatively harder for The Girl than math, because she is "really really smart" in math and only "really smart" in reading, but basically well above average in both. My Girl is trying to pull the wool over her mamma's eyes, KWIM?
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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I got the lights up on that one warm Saturday we had. I think it was last week, but you're right. It's chilly out there!

I love that Charlie Brown special, especially the music, but if I sit still these days, I'll be asleep in moments too.

Yay for Lawn Boy's party!

Shell said...

Christmas shopping not done here, either.

Work parties are official. ;)

Blond Duck said...

Have fun at the party!

Keetha Broyles said...

I think the Elf on a Shelf is funny, but we haven't ever done it here either.

Wayne W Smith said...

My daughter is much better at Math than reading. It is normal for people to be stronger on one side than the other.

Tettelestai said...

We have issues with one of my kids in social studies. I know he gets it, but he could care less showing it on a test. So frustrating!!!

Deep breath, just a holiday party, you can do this, play it calm ;-)

Never done the elf, like you we have quite a few traditions already.

No shopping done here either, no guilt yet. But the commercialism is off the chain these days :-(

Barbara said...

Christmas shopping hasn't even begun. Just thinking about it exhausts me! ;)

bill lisleman said...

Funny - falling asleep halfway through Charlie Brown. It's such a edge of your seat show. I agree with your complaint about the marketing pressure ruining Christmas with stress.

Bee said...

Elf on the shelf? I've never even heard of that. Then again, this is the first time in about 10 years that we have a tree.

Mimi B said...

nay on the elf. yay on the work party. I've done all of my shopping online this year. It's a first for me, but only (maybe) because we're moving. I love the free shipping! I haven't seen a single Christmas show yet. lol People leave their lights up all year round in MN! lol Hooray with having "really really" and "really" smart kids! =)

doseofreality said...

Not enough NAYs in the world for that stupid Elf, if you ask me. I despise him.
WOW! Going to the holiday party! That is a big step! It is official! Good for you!! :)

I love your Friday fragments!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Whoa, look at your comments!

Nay on the elf. It seems way too "Big Brother" stalkerish for me. I think if I would do it all again, I'd downplay Santa too. He's a product of folklore, and saying he's really real is kind of a lie...

Do I sound like a Scrooge? I'm not one, I promise!

Laurie Matherne said...

Why yes, IKWUM.

Savvy WorkingGal said...

Have fun at your holiday party. I no what you mean about all the commercialism and "stuff." I had a birthday in my family last weekend, spent too much time trying to come up with the perfect gift, then spent too much money. Now this weekend I have to spend time packaging and returning because it wasn't quite right and I have to pay shipping. Bah!

Plus I ordered toys online on cyber Monday for nephews. Is it just me or do toys seem more like junk than ever.

I guess I am the one you should be calling scrooge.

Andrea B. said...

Work party!!?? Woo hoo!!! That's fun. Can't wait to hear about it. :) And yay for holidays and fun. I need to email you, btw ... oops.

Sarah Getz said...

Stumbled across your blog just now, and it's refreshing to be reading the thoughts of another blogging single mama like myself! I'm a new fan!

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