Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fragments: My Happy Place

I went back to work on Tuesday determined to stay in The Happy Place I'd achieved on my day off on Monday. 

One of my co-worker's daughters had a new pair of pants made for her by a woman with her own clothing business.  High heels on a read background with a big ruffle on the bottom. Looking at those pants helped me stay in my Happy Place.


For homework last week my students had to write a paragraph that started with, "If I were President of the United States, I would..."  I finally got to go through them Tuesday evening and one child finished hers with, "I am Ashley* and I improved this message!"

Happy Place!


This week we are raising money for Victims of Superstorm Sandy by having a school spirit week.  Students and teachers donate a dollar each day to participate. Wednesday was Snuggles for Sandy which translates to pajama day.  

Happy Place!


Sometimes, certain commenting systems won't let me comment on my favorite blogs.  Disquis is gulity most often, followed by another one...comment Luv or Intense Debate, maybe?

Not a Happy Place! 


I have been wide awake since 3 am.  Boo! Insomnia!  I have a feeling there is just not going to be enough coffee in the world!

Not a Happy Place!


At least it's Friday and next week is a 2-day week!

Happy Place!!!
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Wayne W Smith said...

That was a great assignment and I loved that ending. I am Wayne and I approve this comment...:-)

penguinsauce said...

ahhhh! Wayne stole the way I was gonna comment lol. Ashley... future president - definitely on the watch for her!

Keetha Broyles said...

I do NOT enjoy making comments with disqus either. I don't understand why bloggers don't just use the form provided by Blogger?????

Love all the "happy place" stimuli, ESPECIALLY the "and I improved this message" one. Clever kid that!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Disquis takes my twitter log in, and i think will take FB, too, so watch that one. ;>

And yay for happy-places but boo for not happy places!

bill lisleman said...

Funny political ad by Ashley.
I really enjoy the interaction and features of Disqus. If those systems are not letting you comment you might need to update your browser and javascript stuff.
I agree that they should be easier but I would not want FB to control everything.

Diane said...

"...improved this message"! Love it!

And YAY for a two day week coming up! :)

doseofreality said...

OMG...I improved this message. SO cute! :)

Disquis always gives me fits.

I love, love, love the "Snuggles for Sandy" fundraiser. What a win-win!

GB DB said...

More happy places than non happy places = success! I bet your students had some grand ideas if they were president, maybe they should actually share them. Have a great weekend.

Miss Stewart and Students said...

We love Jammy Day at our school, but it's a Wacky Wednesday and free.

We just did a simple dollar drive for Sandy (Red Cross). I don't know if our parents would "get" the whole a dollar a day thing...

Mimi B said...

Hooray to your happy places! My kids have a 3 day week next week. I think I need to concentrate on happy places because I've been missing the mark lately!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Love your student's comment "And I approved this ad".

Happy early Thanksgiving!

ddigerati said...
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ddigerati said...

I love these Happy Place reflections! What a great way to see the brighter side of your week. None of us do this enough. It is too easy to get caught up in the distractions and the negative aspects of what we experience. I'm inspired!

Lani @ Rose Tinted Traveler

Babes Mami said...

Seems like you have been having a pretty good week, yay!