Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fragments: TGIF

You know how you have these fleeting thoughts that whir through your head all week and you think, "I'll have to blog about that?"  I know I had such thoughts and yet I sit to write and I have nothing.

I cannot underscore how glad I am that it is Friday. Our district did not have one full five-day week in November leading up to Thanksgiving and we are now on our 4th with one to go next week. I'm done and so are my children.

The Boy is traveling 8 hours this weekend, along with my cousin, who only had non-football playing daughters, to do see his NFL team play in a sort of nearby city ~ by this I mean closer than if they drove all the way up north to the home field!  You may remember I took him earlier this fall.  This kid stepped in it, no?  I'm thrilled for him and again, grateful to the men in our lives that step in since their father is so far away.

I put a dent in my Christmas shopping last night and my sister Evie had offered to take the kids Monday night so I can get some more done.  That feels good!

My parents have apparently gotten and I phone. I thought my mother was suddenly texting a lot... not sure how I feel about this.  I think I'll reserve judgement until I see them in action when we head up north!

In case you missed it, I guest posted this week. Go check "us" out!
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Heather said...

I only work 3 days next week and I can not wait. Even though I have a ton of things that need to get done so happy that I will have the time without the interference of work!

Wayne W Smith said...

It is nice that he has people willing to share interests with him. It is probably even nicer that you have people willing to take them so you get a bit of a break.

Keetha Broyles said...

My dad has a basic plain little old cell phone, but I CANNOT get him online for e-mail.

More's the pity.

Diane said...

Yay for getting that dent in the Christmas shopping. I am ALMOST done. It' the decided what to buy for most on my list that gets me!

Diane said...

I should really start previewing my comments before I hit publish because I never see the typos until after the fact. Also, I think I need to back off the coffee!

Bee said...

I hope the Boy has fun! I wanted to see our team this year, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'll have to live vicariously through the Boy!

Mimi B said...

Sigh...wish I could've gotten a game in before we moved! I have lots of brilliant posts that are floating around in the vast unknown! I've got most of my shopping done and shipped to my moms! I don't know if my mom would ever use a smart phone. My dad on the other hand has a Droid. =)

doseofreality said...

Oh, man. My mom got an iPhone about a year ago and she texts ALL THE TIME NOW. I mean, she texts me several times every day (which she never did before the iPhone). At first I thought it was adorable and nice...then...well, not so much. (She also gets impatient if I don't answer right away. GAH!)
If I had a dollar for every time Ashley and I said, "Oh, we ought to blog about that" only to forget it, we'd actually be making sweet, sweet money blogging. *sigh* --Lisa

Nani said...

I remember that the neighbors I babysat for used to have me over for an extra weeknight at Christmas because they were "going out to dinner" They'd come home after the kids were in bed and I think they did all the shopping on that one night. All the bags, wow!

I can't imagine my dad with an iPhone. He'd be calling me from his land line asking me how it works all the time; and I don't even have a smart phone!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Enjoy your weekend!
Congrats to the boy.
I can't imagine my parents with an iPhone! It cracks me up enough to see my Mom on Facebook!

bill lisleman said...

very nice cousin you have.
I still do not want a smartphone but they seem to continue to dominate the sales and usage. I'm online enough why do I need a smartphone keeping me on even more?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sounds like its going to be a fun Sunday for the boy!