Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fragments: Sandy Hook

My daughter's flute was returned!


I "admitted" on the Single Mom in the South facebook page last weekend that I used to live in CT, so each year when I send out my Christmas cards, there is a whole pile that goes there.  This year I did a take on the "Silent Night" photos that are floating around pinterest. I wrapped the kids up in lights and put tape saying "Merry" and "Christmas" over their mouths. They thought it was great fun.  My cards arrived in CT in the Saturday mail and I got several messages from friends indicating it brought them a moment of joy in their sorrow.  I'm blessed my family could provide that for them.


There is just something about knowing that in a few short days, I will have to put my children in a car and send them off with their father where they will drive right by THAT exit... I know they won't know, but I will and it has me a little spooked.  Oh, I know they will be safe, but having them be so close to the site of such tragedy is really weighing on my mind.  I know I'm a lucky, because I will get them back in less that a week when so many others never will, but this year, more than any before, I wish they were with me for Christmas and we could stay down here in our bubble of safety.


This song has always spoken to me, but this, oh this... I don't think I will ever here it again without remembering this.

It haunts me.

"Snowflakes for Sandy Hook" 
Please help the students of Sandy Hook have a winter wonderland at their new school! Get creative! No two snowflakes are alike. Make & send snowflakes by January 12, 2013 to:
Connecticut PTSA 
60 Connolly Pkwy
 Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514 


We have to work right up until today.  As I sit here typing, I have that "there isn't enough coffee in the world" feeling... at the risk of sounding like Negative Nelly, this is going to be a VERY.LONG.DAY!
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doseofreality said...

We were BLOWN AWAY by The Voice. It is was absolutely hauntingly beautiful and simply perfect.

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank goodness the flute is back.

I remember once when I was still teaching and Christmas fell on a Friday, we had school all the way through Wednesday. Yah, one day to get ready for Christmas. I was a negative Nelly too.

Andrea B. said...

We made snowflakes yesterday. :)

And I am sure they will be safe but I will say an extra prayer for them and you.

And HILARIOUS! I want to see your cards!

Andrea B. said...

Also, the Voice? Heart-breakingly beautiful.

Diane said...

I wasn't expecting that when The Voice came on Monday night. It was absolutely beautiful and made me cry some more.

I didn't realize you were from CT.

Tettelestai said...

Wow, the tragedy hit you so much closer than me. I know it must be hard, but your kids will come home to you :-) I will pray for them.

Hang in there, you're almost done by now and can breathe big and relax :-)

Aleta said...

Whenever anyone posts that link to the song, I'm pulled to watch it... and I cry each time...

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope you are able to have a Merry Christmas despite the tragedy and your babies not being home.

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

That tribute by The Voice was just absolutely beautiful!

Are you headed home for Christmas as well? My kids, while grown, are at their Dad's for Christmas. I am going to have a pamper-myself-and-watch-movies day here at home on Christmas Day, but I will celebrate with them in January. I still have time to wrap and decorate, yay!

nancygrayce said...

I cried when they sang that song on The Voice and I'm sure I will from now on! I remember the days of the kids going to their dad's at Christmas........I feel your sadness and even more so this year.

I love that card idea......too bad my kids are too old now, even though I'd still like to tape their mouths on occasion!

Merry Chtistmas!

Charlotte Klein said...

That version of the song is so haunting and beautiful... and it brings tears to my eyes every time.

I still can hardly believe that that happened :(

Jill said...

They sang that song so beautifully. It's one of my favorite songs and always brings me to tears, but now in new ways.