Monday, December 31, 2012

Ixnay the Holiday Ratayelvay!

Three strikes and traveling up north for Christmas is out!

Since moving below the Mason Dixon Line, I have had to travel back to The Great White North three times for Christmas, as the children spend every other year with their dad. In theory, I don't mind.  I so rarely have to "share" my children that I can handle letting them go every other year, even if it is for Christmas...

In theory...

In reality, it has yet to go smoothly.  

Start with the fact that the ex and I fight like two middle school girls while trying to iron out the arrangements and add to that the weather*...

The first year, before the evolution of this blog, we got stuck down here and had to fly out two days later than planned because it was snowing up there. This was not a huge deal except The Girl, then 3, collapsed in hysterics at the airport screaming, "I want my grandma."  At least the lady at the counter was super nice after that, but ours was the last flight cancelled, so it took forever for her to find us a new flight out. It was still snowing when we did fly in and it took four hours for my dad to drive us home from the airport... to the houseful of guests for the Open House I was hosting at my parents, that my mother had to take over because we almost didn't get there in time!

Two years ago, we got there without event, but had a little mishap on the ride home.

This time, we again got there without issue, but got a call on noon the day before we were to fly home, that our flight had been cancelled.  Cue panicked calls to rental car company. ~I should interject that we were actually toying with this idea anyway, because I also landed myself plane plague which morphed into the first sinus infection I'd had in 10 years... I wasn't sure I should fly, and as I literally picked up my phone to call the airline and request a credit, Lawn Boy got a message on his phone that our flight was cancelled!~  We left as snow started and had to drive through the night in order to get out of there before the major part of the storm hit.  Thank goodness Lawn Boy was with me so I wasn't driving on my own...through the night...while sick.**

We pulled into my driveway at 6 am and promptly slept for four hours, waking up at the same time we would have arrived had we flown in as originally scheduled.

Needless to say, I'm hoping that two years from now I'll be okay with my kids flying on their own, because this Mamma...

She's not going north for Christmas anymore!

I'm Nixing the Holiday Travel!

*It is important to note that there was no snow last Christmas when we didn't have to go...NONE... AT ALL...LIKE ALL WINTER LONG!!!

**On the plus side, LB and I survived 12 hours in the car without sleep and didn't kill each other... we actually got along! This is a relationship milestone! *grins*


Sleepdeprived1 said...

First of all...I am so glad to see normal writing in your post because I was slow on the uptake with your title in my feed reader and I thought you might be having a mini-stroke. WHEW!!!

It was such a blessing your flight was cancelled. Flying with a sinus infection is like entering one of the rings of Hell. I have seen it reduce grown men to whimpering.

Congrats on the relationship milestone!!! :))

Aleta said...

I have come to the conclusion that flights might not be worth it :) I think I'd rather drive, as long as it's not a long drive.... It's nice to be home for the holidays - here's hoping that you'll be able to do so in the future! Happy New Year!

Diane said...

I've never flown over the holidays so I can only imagine! Glad LB was there to keep you company on that long drive. And I have flown with a sinus infection before. I do NOT recommend it!

Happy New Year!

Mimi B said...

I am only now in a place where my boys will now have to fly when they see their dad. It will be interesting. I think they'll be old enough to fly on their own, but being the protective mama, I may fly with them the first time. lol Plus, I'd like to go back "home" to see everyone!

So glad you and LB were able to do the traveling and still like each other afterwards. I've done some very VERY short driving with my guy and we've done extremely well together! I think this should be required for all couples, a short and long road trip where neither have really driven before. =)It's a great test! lol

Charlotte Klein said...

That is a HUGE milestone in your relationship :) Congrats to you both. Not killing each other after such a long period of time (and HAVING FUN in the process!) is a defining moment indeed.

Well, you know I live in this area and I truly HATE the winters. Every year I tell myself I'm going somewhere warmer in the winter, but it doesn't happen. It's that bone-chilling cold I can't take.

I'm glad you didn't have to fly, but it sounds like you have a bad track record of heading up this way around the holidays. I think it's best you ixnay on the holiday travel, too. XOXO and I've missed you!