Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fragments: One Heck of a Week

I've been easing into eating clean in 2013.  I found this great website, The Gracious Pantry, and have made a few really yummy recipes.  Last night was White Chicken Chili, to which I added 3/4 cup of Fage yogurt. Delicious!


My bad plane Mojo continues. I missed my connection on the way back down here this week. Fortunately I was put on the next flight out, which was only 2 hours later.


On the plus side, this allowed me to read 1.5 books this weekend! It's been so long since I had time to do that!


The day I got back, the kids came home with a notice saying their concert was the next night. I had to be at a training workshop.  I about lost my marbles.  It was in my phone calendar, but on the wrong day. A friend came to my rescue, got the children there, and I was able to get there in time to watch.


I also managed to forget that my children had a dentist appointment this week. It was in my phone... it reminded me, but still, I didn't realize until the morning of.  I had to leave work early to get them there, so it sent me scrambling!


Lawn Boy brought me flowers because he knew I was freaking out! *sigh*


I probably don't have to say it, but TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
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Keetha Broyles said...

I'm rather notorious for double scheduling myself because the two things don't "click" in my brain as happening at the same time.

The Dose of Reality said...

I have never even HEARD of fage yogurt. I'm off to look that up.
I HATE when I have the appointment...even think about it a day or two's on my phone and computer calendar....AND I STILL FORGET ABOUT IT. SO irritating! Glad you were able to scramble and get them there!!

Slamdunk said...

I have had pretty good flying experiences, but I don't have to do it much. They did lose my luggage last time though.

Yea for Lawn Boy and the timely flowers!


Hectic schedule...and to have one item on the wrong day on your calender would really put the hipper-dipper to the whole week!!!

White Chicken Chili sounds delicious.

Mimi B said...

Sounds like you need this good weekend! It sure does stink to miss a flight! I've been putting appts in my phone the day of and giving myself the reminder the day before in the evening before I go to bed. And LB is scoring some major points with the flowers!! =)

nancygrayce said...

No matter how many times I am reminded of something, I am prone to forget! Sigh, it seems to be a common trait! Good for you getting the books read though!

Happy Weekend!

Bee said...

Fage + honey + fresh berries = yum! I put all my appointments on my phone *and* on a calendar in our office, but it doesn't help much because I forget to look at, either. Oh, well.

bill lisleman said...

"eating clean" - oh boy is this another foodie slang term? For me it would mean not changing my shirt after I got up from the table. Appointments - post-it notes?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Crazy days! The flowers were such a sweet gesture.

Tettelestai said...

Schedules are just nutty! I forgot all about an appointment this week to and had to cancel. Why is it when you miss one you have to schedule another 3 weeks out??!!

Flowers, that is wonderful!! Good call, Lawn Guy. My hubby actually came home early this week to let me out by myself. If not, it could have been very ugly ;-)

Andrea B. said...

I hope things even out for you now, mama. And huge hugs. Also, yay for reading! ;)

Life in a Small Town said...

What would we do without our phone calendars?
Hope you had a good weekend!

Jackie/Jake said...

I knew who your mother was referring to when she said 2 guys!!!

Babes Mami said...

Aww surprise flowers are great!