Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fragments: Post Holiday Catch Up

I seem to be having a minor case of blog block... its like I have SO many things I want to post about I can't get it all down.


My parents did, indeed need lessons on their IPhone.  Of course, I don't have one so I was no help. Thank goodness for Lawn Boy.


My mother freely admitted that she hid her Christmas Letter this year, but I finally tracked it down in her computer files. ~I am a regular Sherlock Holmes!~ It was decidedly tame... perhaps because between my father's heart attack and my grandma being ill she managed to fill it up with just her and my dad.  Lawn Boy did get a mention as did my sister Evie's pregnancy... I found myself both proud and disappointed!


The holiday allowed me to get all caught up on The Pioneer Woman's TV show.  I have to have Lawn Boy record them for me because I don't have cable and I had a total of 14 to catch up on.  In homage to all that yummy TV viewing, I made her Macaroni and Cheese when we did Christmas with Evie and Jack last weekend.  


The Girl spilled nail polish remover all over my table last night, taking off the finish.  She ran lickety split to clean it up and looked at me in horror when she realized it wasn't fixable. I think she was waiting for me to loss my marbles.  In a rare calm Mommy Moment, I sighed and told her that while I was upset the table was ruined, no one was sick, no one had died and it was just a table.  I think think I stunned her!

I spent some quality time one the phone with the travel industry yesterday and the lesson I learned is I will never book through Travelocity again! I finally got around to calling about my cancelled flight from last week, mostly because I wanted a credit to use toward the new flight I would be booking for this weekend and was given the run around after 30 minutes on hold.  I tried the airline directly later on in the day and after a 5 minute hold had the cost of my flight refunded!  The airline was so pleasant!  I will be flying US Air from now on if I can and plan to book directly from their website!

Prayers for good weather on both ends of the trip would be appreciated!
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Diane said...

Good to know about Travelocity. I have booked through them before but never had to cancel. USAir is what I have flown the most since they have a main hub out of Charlotte.

Hope you have a good trip!

The Dose of Reality said...

Don't you just love it when something like that happens and you have that cool head! It's like a calm spreads over you. It always surprises my kids too because...let's just say that calm, cool, and collected isn't my first reaction in general! Good for you (and sorry about your table)

Now Lawn Boy is doing tech support! Awesome! He's a keeper!!

Student Mommy said...

Have an awesome trip. In from SITS.
I like the fragment idea - often I have lots to say but no meat to make it into a post.

B. Jenkins said...

I almost died when my daughter "poured" polish all over the capet and table! I couldn't be mad at her though because I failed to close it when I was done! I was maaaaad though because she KNEW better! She was relieved that I didn't take it out on her! Have a wonderful trip!

Visting from SITS.

Slamdunk said...

Good to hear that Lawn Boy is filling the role as techie. Every household needs one, and unfortunately here it is me. I am waiting to be replaced.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

What I've heard to do with travel sites is to check their sites, and then call the carrier/hotel directly to see if they'll beat it. I don't travel much, but I have done this with hotels,and it has worked well!

Aleta said...

My husband and I booked rooms through a third company (similar to Travelocity, but not that company) and the reservations were never sent to the hotel. Good thing I called the day before we left for the trip and realized the problem. But it was a headache of a time dealing with the 3rd party company - they tried to say it was the hotel, but that wasn't the case. Sometimes a little higher of a price is worth the security of knowing you are receiving good customer service :)

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Safe travels.

Kristiina @ Typical House Cat

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Hope it all goes well!

Andrea B. said...

Sending love and hugs, girlfriend. And your calm moment as a mom ROCKED. I'm proud of you. I don;t think I could have done it.

Mimi B said...

I want to blog, but having a new job hasn't lead to much free time. Hooray for LB and the iPhone. He needs a cape. See, now you're wishing your parents Christmas letter had been longer, huh? lol I had NO idea PW had a tv show. I haven't watched tv for so long. I started following her long before she was a celeb. hahahaha And I've had the rare calm moment and it always surprises me and the kid who's involved. =) Prayers for this weekend!