Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fragments: Bonding Experiences

I filled out an NCAA bracket.  I seriously want to ask the real LeighAnne Thomas to please stand up ~ except there is no real LeighAnne Thomas, since that isn't my real name.  I don't know what's gotten into me. I don't follow basketball. I don't even like basketball.

However, Lawn Boy started a group and asked me to fill one out. Then The Boy wanted to and then The Girl got in on the action, so in an effort to focus on my joys, we'll call this a bonding experience. *winks*


I made a really delicious salad for dinner this week. I used mixed spring greens, chopped scallions, dried cranberries, shredded cheddar, clementine segments and some toasted pecans. I topped it with a dressing made of balsamic vinegar, agave nectar, olive oil, and a pinch of salt and pepper.  It was SO.GOOD. I served it with chicken cutlets that I coated with mashed butternut squash and bread crumbs.

The Girl even asked for extra dressing... bonding over balsamic vinegar... who knew? 


I was supposed to do another color run this weekend, but it was canceled due to cold temps and inclement weather. It was for a local school, so I gather they didn't think parents would show up with the kids if the weather was bad. You may remember my blogging about the one I did last fall.  

My kids were going to do this one with me and we haven't really trained because it's a fun run, so this might be a blessing.

We'll have to have this bonding experience later?


I'm home today with a sick little girl. Actually, she's not so sick anymore, but I came home sick yesterday feeling naseous and dizzy and then she got dropped off after school and within the hour, obviously had a stomach bug, so it seemed like a no-brainer to keep us home. 

We are currently bonding over My Little Pony. ~I am overcome with joy! *winks*


Someone I used to know~ a friend of a friend~ in a past life stumbled upon my blog. This time I'm going to venture it was a true stumble, because I have no blog friends in common with the person and I'm not sure he/she would know me if he/she heard my real name, but it was jarring to see a name I recognized pop up in my comments! 

Luckily, this is NOT someone with whom I bonded, so I think my secret is still safe! *grins*


LAWD 'A Mercy! I've just realized my mother and Lawn Boy are friends on facebook. That's more family bonding than I can handle!
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Joyce said...

I'm curious about the butternut squash coating on the chicken? I love butternut squash...did it add flavor or just keep it moist? I might have to try it.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

The Dose of Reality said...

I love doing the NCAA brackets! So much fun...I never win, but it is still exciting to check the standings! ;)-Ashley

Blond Duck said...

Can you post a recipe for your salad?

noexcuses said...

Your meal sounds so yummy! And healthy, too! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Diane said...

The salad sounds yummy. Hope y'all feel better soon!

Bee said...

Sounds like you've had a great week -- yay!

I just like filling out the brackets, but not watching the games. Hehe. Hubs is the b-ball fan.

The salad sounds absolutely yummy!

Keetha Broyles said...

and I hope your bracket BEATS lawnboy and all his friends

it could happen

Tracy Wilson said...

Mom and Lawn Boy on Facebook, hahahahahahahaha...what'd you do to deserve THAT Karma?

Stacy Uncorked said...

Oooooh! That salad sounds yummy! Now I'm ravenous. ;)

Hope you and the little one are feeling better - though bonding over My Little Pony definitely sounds like not feeling good was worth it. ;)

Hopefully the friend of a friend from a past life is a good one! :)

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Ilene, The Fierce Diva Guide to Life said...

Every now and then a real life friend from the past comes upon my not so anonymous blog and it's kind of freaky. You forget who's watching sometimes.

Aleta said...

Too many real life friends know about my blog. I've seriously considered creating a private blog just for blog guy friends.

Aleta said...

For bloggy friends... Crazy auto correct get with the times! Lol

copilotmom said...

Your chicken with squash coating does sound very interesting. I often serve the two of them in the same meal, just not coating the chicken - very cool! :)

Mimi B said...

bahahaha there's a lot of winking with your bonding going on! I'm not even sure which bonding moment to start with! The salad sounds yummy. My Little Pony...glad my girls are too old for it now! The Color Run...I'm going with "blessing". NCAA? Really? You ARE hooked! I wonder how many new people commenting are wondering if they know you now. How fun that your mom and LB are buddies on FB! Good times ahead!

Cyndy Newsome said...

OMG, dying over the FB friends!! My mother and MIL are both on Facebook. I have to behave myself! Sigh.

Charlotte Klein said...

Uh oh! Making friends on FB always spells trouble for me :) LOL!! But your mom sounds awesome and I'm sure she has a nice FB friendship with LB. I think it's cute!

Also that salad sounds delicious.

Hope you and the little one are feeling better! XOXO

Babes Mami said...

Hopefully you don't get found out!