Monday, April 8, 2013

Compromise: Driving

If you follow Single Mom in the South on facebook, then you may already know where this is going, because you were subjected to my random texts from the road.

For seven years, I have been the sole driver in the family. I am the one who has had to do all the driving for every trip, long or short.  This is something I complained about.... a lot.

You can imagine that I was initially thrilled that Lawn Boy would be joining us on our Spring Break trip to my parents' snow bird home down further south, because it's at best, an 11-hour trip. Finally I would have someone to help with the driving!

Turns out I kind like being in control of my own destiny...err... car!  

Turns out driving in the passenger seat has me curling up into a fetal position on occasion, because let's face it, I'm just not used to being that close to the guardrail. ~At least going south there are no mountainous cliffs on the other side of the guardrail down which I can imagine us sliding to our death!

I *may* have yelled out "Rumble strips!" several times, even though we *only* actually hit the rumble stripes once (each way!)  ~I have a lot of driving flaws, but I DO NOT hit the rumble strips, ever! Just sayin'

I *may* also have inherited my mother's really annoying habit of grasping the handle of the door in desperation when I think the driver is doing something unsafe, like slamming on the breaks, because the drivers in front of us are slamming on theirs, because there is a cop on the other side of the 6-lane divided highway, facing the other directions.

I never was allowed to drive...not once the whole way... even though I was the one who knew where we were going and knew my way around town once we got there.  Someone, despite being a very swervy driver, is a little bit of a control freak behind the wheel himself.

I am not bitter...not really...well, maybe a little bit... *winks*

Compromising on the driving.  Who knew?


The Dose of Reality said...

I am a serious control freak over the driving as well. When my hubby drives I tend to the very loud gasp and closing of my eyes when I sense we are in danger. You can imagine how much he loves that! ;)-Ashley

The Dose of Reality said...

I always choose the passenger seat. I am fortunate to have a husband who loves to drive and friends who enjoy it, too. I hardly have to drive anywhere that isn't a carpool or errand situation...and that's how I like it! --Lisa

Diane said...

I often let Charlie drive on trips (though he really doesn't care one way or the other) although he does scare the bajeebies out of me sometimes. I have a hard time not pumping the invisible brake on the passenger's side and yes, grasping the door handle!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I"m so the opposite. I could let someone drive all the time.

Blond Duck said...

I would love to be chauffeured around!

Ilene, The Fierce Diva Guide to Life said...

I grab onto the handle of the door too! I never trust anyone else driving and I hate that passenger seat - even though I complain about doing all of the driving too!

Velva said...

I have a husband who insists on being the driver. I have been married almost 20 years and have been mostly the passenger. I often think that I have spent so much time in the passenger seat that I could not find my way out of a paper bag figuring out the directions, if I was left to only being the driver.



Missy Bedell said...

It's hard to turn over something like that. I remember when my husband took over all of the driving (pretty much right away). It took some major adjustments on both of our parts!

Andrea B. said...

Now you know how it feels to be me.

All. The. Time. :D

Mimi Baker said...

I've done ok with Fred driving. I've actually liked it because I'm tired of driving. I used to read all the time when I was married. It's nice to have someone drive and I like how he drives even though the car is a bit small for my taste.

laurabeth1976 said...

Sounds like you had an interesting trip. We're driving down to Disney next weekend, which is a long trip,but it should be fun. I just bought some spring clothes for the kids from to get ready for our trip. They had some great deals and I can't wait to get some new pictures of them in their new outfits.