Monday, April 29, 2013

Everyday Acronyms

I am a teacher. My days are FILLED with acronyms, so I knew I'd have not problem coming up with a few I use every day as part of this week's Monday Listicles!  They are not terribly exciting, but perhaps I can educate you! It's my job, after all...

1. PEP:  Personalized Education Plan. This is written for all children who are functioning more than a year behind grade level or who have been retained and are still not on grade level. It outlines the interventions and plan for how we will try to get them on grade level.

Written with the help of the

2. PLT:  Professional Learning Teams: The name for the grade level meetings we have to specifically discuss students who are struggling in the classroom. The team outlines interventions to put into the PEPs. It also compares data and shares successful methods for instruction.

Which sometimes leads to the need for

3. RtI: Response to Intervention: This is the process and team that meets when the student does not meet his/her PEP goals. The RtI team determines whether the PEP needs to be changed and can refer the student for academic testing.

Not to be confused with 

4. SST: Student Support Team. This is the former name for RtI.  Not everything as changed over. It gets confusing!

Both of which sometimes leads to the identification of an

5. LD:  Learning Disability. This is one of the classifications under which a student would have an IEP. It means that in one or more area (ie Reading, Math, Writing) the student's achievement is well below his/her ability.

At which point the student needs an

6. IEP: Individualized Education Plan.  For students who qualify for Special Education Services. This outlines their goals specific to their needs.

In the meantime, we are all preparing for the

7. EOGs: End of Grade Exams.  No further explanation needed.

And I also need a yearly

8. PDP: Professional Development Plan. In which I outline at least two goals I have for improving myself as an educator each school year.

Which is sometimes called a

9. PGP: Professional Growth Plan. This is the same things a the PDP. I'm not entirely sure which is correct. 

All of which helps me make contributions to the 

10. SIP: School Improvement Plan. Which outlines the plan for how we will ensure our school meets the state and federal regulations to that NCLB (No Child is Left Behind)

That's eleven. You got a bonus!

You are welcome!

You'll notice that no where in there have I addressed Lesson Planning or Curriculum Content. There seem to be all sorts of parameters for what to do when myself or a student falls short of the mark, but not a whole heck of a lot built in to allow me to review the curriculum ~which is totally new this year~ and plan for how best to teach it. Sometimes it feels like we are all being set up to fail.

Just sayin'

That is all!

*Jumps off soapbox*


Michelle Nahom said...

Seems like planning the best way to teach the new curriculum would be important! Very unfortunate something so crucial would be missing!

Shell said...

The EOGs alone are enough to make me want to cry. My oldest will start taking them next year. And holy crap- have you seen the way they'll do the math part next year??? Kids could actually have the right answer but so, so easily code it wrong on the bubble sheet. :(

The Dose of Reality said...

It is a such shame how we have gone so far off the mark of teaching actual content and are just in a world of well said here today!-The Dose Girls

Kerry Bergeman said...

I won't jump on my soap box but you care enough to mention that so you won't fail.
Also you made this cute the way you tied them all together! Cheers to the end of the year! Enjoy summer!
Kerry B @ new2two

WicketsMom said...

My industry (IT for an insurance company) has it's share of acronyms too. Half the time we don't know what anyone is talking about!

But as the mom to a kindergartner just finishing up his first year of school, I am concerned at how much time is devoted to those children that are behind, yet nothing is done for those that are far ahead. My son was doing basic reading before he even entered kindergarten. At the end of the year he is currently reading second and third grade level books (Magic Treehouse series). I have asked our school system in Alabama, and there is NO gifted/advanced placement program available until third grade. Is this the norm nationwide?

ChiTown Girl said...

THANK YOU for reminding me that I absolutely made the right decision when I left my job!

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you still enjoy teaching. But for me, after 22 years, the joy was gone. It was probably close to 50% because of the area I taught in for the past 2 decades, and 50% because of the bureaucracy that has clogged up the system. My job was no longer about shaping young minds, it was about doing paperwork, and incessant testing! Too bad there wasn't any teaching time in between the non-stop tests. :(

Whew, now I'M gonna get off MY soapbox! ;-)

Diane said...

My mom subs and every time I talk to her she gets off on a tangent about some of this same stuff and she's not even a full-time teacher. I don't know how y'all do it!

The EOGs have always stressed me out, probably more so than they do my kids.

Summer will be here before ya know it. ;)

Ilene, The Fierce Diva Guide to Life said...

OK - I NEVER knew what IEP stood for and it's a term I hear all the time. So thank you - what a great way to use this listicles this week!

Cyndy Newsome said...

I only knew 5 and 6. 3 of my kids (including my former stepson) have had IEP's, fortunately my two birthed children had them because they are gifted.
I so admire you, teachers ROCK!

Maureen H said...

This seems very foreign to me but I'll be sharing your post with my ex mom in law, a retired teacher and I'm sure she will love your post! :)

Alison said...

I would not be able to keep all that straight. :)

Yona Williams said...

Wow ....your Listicle is the first that I've read that I didn't recognize not a single acronym. I didn't even know that they used an acronym for Learning Disabilities.

Happy Belated Listicles Monday.

Yona from

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