Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fragments: Almost Summer Fun

We were out to breakfast one morning last weekend and The Boy looks at me and says, "L & J are my brothas from anotha motha!"

He was referring to his two half brothers and he was absolutely correct, but good gracious!


I had some friends over last weekend for a cookout...not a barbecue, because while I did serve pulled pork, we didn't actually turn the pig on a spit, so therefore, it is a cook out!

It'd been awhile since I'd done so and it was great fun, although a lot of work.  I does my heart good when I get people from different circles together and they all get along.


Consequently, I seem to be over my hatred of my backyard.  It's not nearly manicured enough for me, but with the small patio, the swingset, an newly laid mulch, it's not so bad....


In a semi-related note, we have plenty of food. My mother ran out of food at my sister's Baptism in 1979 and we are still recovering... we always have  enough food. Never one to pass up an opportunity to zing me, my mom commented, "I'll have to call and tell you father he should be here because you actually have food in the fridge!" ~ SMH 


Dinner one night this week was mostly courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.  I served Baked Lemon Pasta along with leftover Tequila Lime Chicken from the cookout earlier in the week. The lemon past is a favorite.  The lemon flavor makes it light enough for warmer weather while the creaminess makes it comfort food.  I also sauteed some zucchini and yellow sqaush from my CSA. YUM! 


Speaking of the CSA, the only thing I can't keep up with is the lettuce.  I made a big salad for work one day this week because I just can't seem to use it fast enough. If you have a favorite salad recipe, please share in the comments!


6 days... That is all!
Half-Past Kissin' Time


The Dose of Reality said...

Brotha from another motha...and it was TRUE! Hahahahaha. Adorable!! Is that really the difference between a barbecue and a cook out? I didn't know that! Have a great weekend! --Lisa

Heather said...

Aw. Your boy is so sweet.

We have 3 weeks left here. And it is a long three weeks. Long because it is close to 90 today with no air conditioner in any of the schools (my little one did say her teacher broke out the fan yesterday), I can't even imagine how hot it gets. And long because I am also nervous about my children being home all day with my husband working there. I just feel like they will be bored and my house will be torn apart. UGH!

Excited that you will be starting your break though!!!

Blond Duck said...

I wish we had a CSA here!

Cyndy Newsome said...

Oh, how I love sauteed (or grilled) squash and zukes!! YUM YUM YUM.
Your mom is something else! You are a good daughter, I'm sure your teeth get sore from clenching them when she's around. lol
I like un-manicured lawns. I like random beauty popping up here and there.
I would LOVE to have seen your face after the 'brotha from anotha motha' statement. *SNORT*
Have a great weekend!

Aleta said...

That chicken sounds good. We just went through our freezer and realized we have a bunch of chicken breast to cook. I'm looking for good recipes :)

Charlotte Klein said...

Your dinner sounds delicious. I love light summer recipes (I haven't been to PW's site in a while to see what she is cooking up).

LMAO, your mom... cracks me up. But yea, don't you just hate those zingers?!