Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fragments: Contrasts

I am continuing to cross things off the Bucket List I Don't Have.  I told you about being in a Harlem Shake video. ~Sorry, still not showing you that one, although those of you who know where I live and work could google it.~  Last week, I participated in a Flash Mob, also at school. Who knew being a teacher would make me so trendy? ~ Of course, saying so negates that!


I'm thinking about starting an "Ask Single Mom in the South" feature, where readers could email questions about single motherhood/divorce and I'd give my opinion on the subject.  I've been feeling a little like my blog has turned into the LeighAnne and LB show and while my dating experiences certainly do speak to single motherhood, I don't want it to be all about that. 

What do y'all think?  Ideas for getting the word out? Feel free to comment or start email me with ideas/questions.


My sister Evie and Baby B could use your prayers. Evie has gone back to work full time and it is proving harder than she thought. On top of that, Little Miss B has both a milk protein allergy AND a soy sensitivity combined with being in the top 1% of babies with sensitive skin. She has crazy eczema and a nasty diaper rash that is irritated by every natural, over-the-counter, and prescription treatment they have tried.  Luckily, my mom is there, which is the best possible situation.

She had a complete meltdown this week and my mom said, "I swear Leigh, it was just like living with you!"

That's my mom! She somehow never misses the opportunity to zing me. Although in this case, it was both true AND funny, so I actually laughed! 


In contrast, I came home from yoga this week and LB ~see what I mean, there he is, sneaking into a post again~  had the kids all tucked in a waiting for me.  I went up to do our usual routine of prayers and songs and The Boy asked for just prayers. I came down sniffling to LB that he was getting to big and I was so said.  All was well again the next night when he wanted the full deal, but my days are numbered. Pretty soon he really won't want Mamma to sing anymore. *sigh*


Wednesday's post seemed to hit home with a lot of you and I appreciated your affirmations on my stance, but gracious, ladies, what is it about some 'friendships' that make you feel like you are still stuck in middle school!?!  


Twenty-five days of school left. Summer is getting so close I can almost taste it! 
Half-Past Kissin' Time
Mrs 4444 got a new button. Don't you just love it!?!?


Joyce said...

You're mother's comment made me laugh : ) My mom told me not too long ago I was the most stubborn person she knows. My sister said she told her the same thing.

I will have to go back now and read your Wednesday post. Yes, some people do make you feel like it's still Jr. High! Have a nice weekend~

Laurie Matherne said...

I am sorry the boy doesn't want songs at night. My housekeeper sings to me. Or rather at me. She sits me down and I have to listen to verses upon verses of old folk songs and Christian hymns. We are never too old to be soothed by song.

The Dose of Reality said...

Oh, poor baby B!! My oldest was the same way. He got terrible eczema at 6 weeks and it was SO HARD to manage--and I was breastfeeding. They said they had never seen such a horrible case in a breastfed child. I cried and cried. After months, we finally got him on a decent regimen, found diapers that didn't give him a rash (Huggies Supremes), had a good detergent that didn't cause him to flare (All Free)...and things settled down. Praying for Evie and Miss B!! --Lisa

misssrobin said...

Your sister and baby will be in my prayers.

Seriously, summer can't get here soon enough. The fights every morning to get people up and out of the house are getting much more intense. Especially with my 18-year old who has a massive case of senioritis. Get your butt out of bed, already. You can make it three more weeks - I promise!

I hope the end of year goes much more smoothly for you.

There are other great things ahead to take the place of those songs you'll be losing. I promise. (Fighting about getting out of bed while their teen bodies are screaming to stay in bed isn't one of them. Sorry)

Stacy Uncorked said...

If he doesn't want you to sing to him, maybe he'll sing to you - that's how I got around Princess Nagger's refusal to have me sing to her, as she put it 'like a baby'. ;) Time sure flies by way too fast, doesn't it?

Poor Baby B! I'll definitely be keeping her and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

Kaley Cuoco is Adorable even with a Helmet Head, Princess Nagger Frog-Watching: Fragmenting for a Clean Brain-Slate

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I am behind on my reading this week. I like the idea of your little column. I can't believe so few weeks are left of school.

Tettelestai said...

I read the post Wed, but I didn't feel like I had any words of wisdom. Friendships are personal, you know? They all help us to grow, but when they become toxic, it is time to reconsider the benefit to our life.

Hey, I really like the question/answer idea. You could begin with coping mechanisms at the time of the divorce. I understand that proceedings can get ugly and how does a single parent try to help kids go through all that? Just a thought.

Ilene, The Fierce Diva Guide to Life said...

I love the idea of you having an "ask" column! And I feel for your sister - sending my prayers. xo

Diane said...

Prayers sent for Evie and Baby B. Glad your mom is there to help out. I so love your mom! ;)

I think your weekly advice column is a great idea.

Keetha Broyles said...

My mom had quite a propensity for zinging me too. I have tried to learn from it to resist zinging my chillins.

Cyndy Newsome said...

OMGosh, I would love to see that video! lol Shelbie's school did one of those, it was really cute.
It's so hard to watch your kids outgrow the 'kid'stuff.

Shell said...

Sending prayers for Baby B.

My mom keeps saying how my youngest niece looks exactly like me(which I'm sure my sister-in-law loves hearing- and I don't agree with other than that we were both babies with lots of dark hair) but then mom says except you were the worst baby ever and your niece is the easiest. Thanks, mama. LOL

Andrea B. said...

I'm sorry to hear about the baby. My niece was the same way with the eczema. SHe was on formula, I forget if your sis is BFing or not, but let's discuss.

Hope you're well and missing you. I have your summer reads here for you whenever we next connect!

Mimi B said...

I was almost in a Harlem Shake video this weekend at SoFabCon, but my team went and did go-karting instead. =) I love the idea of asking questions! I be you get a great response. You'll become Dear Leigh! It must be so hard going back to work and having a baby at home. I can't even imagine. Prayers going up for the family. And I know, it's hard when our kids show signs of outgrowing our rituals. =(