Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fragments: The One About the Lawn Boy

Lawn Boy and I went public on facebook this week, tagging ourselves as being "in a relationship" with each other. It only took a year. ~ I wasn't kidding when I said I was going slow!~ He actually took the plunge first and then I followed suit.  Way more of my friends "liked" this news than his. Do you think I should be insulted? Or perhaps maybe my friends and I spend too much time on facebook? *winks*


Speaking of which LB, someone commented on a recent post wondering how he got his name.  I thought for sure I'd blogged about it, but when I poked around looking for a link, I realized I never fully explained. The story probably deserves it's own post, but here is the short version: We met through a mutual friend who had recently become single.  They had been friends for 20 years, so he was helping her out by mowing her lawn for her and somehow she got him to come mow mine as a favor. After that, we slowly started getting to know each other. As a surprise one day, he sent me flowers to the wrong school and signed them "Your Lawn Boy" so it's really all his fault. He coined the name himself.


In a related note, this was the view from my back window recently.
See?  All his fault!


Our church had Vacation Bible School this past week. I opted not to teach this year, giving myself a break.  I did volunteer in the Toddler Room one day.  They were SO sweet.  One little girl really took to me and we "read" a story together. I found out afterward that she was the granddaughter of our former governor! When I texted LB, he had to google the name to figure out whom I was talking about... the person just left office in January. Geesh!

This is not my first "celebrity" incident at church. I told you about another one here

I miss teaching preschool. Especially after the year I had!


This time last year I was blogging about Father's Day. I mentioned both the trials of the holiday for a single mom ~Speaking of single motherhood, if you haven't checked out my Ask Single Mom in the South series, please do! ~ and also some guy I was dating. ~ I said  in the title this one would be about LB, so I'm having to creatively link all my frags to him!  

Unknown Mami

Linking up today with Unknown Mami because my fellow teacher-in-crime, Mrs. 4444 is taking the summer off!


Angelwithatwist said...

Girl my Friday Fragments would take an hour.. I can totally understand your love of the view when LB is mowing. I would have been watching as well. I think you waiting was a great idea and I am glad that he stuck it out.. seems like you have found a keeper hun.

noexcuses said...

Love your post! We all could use a LB! Well, not me, I have someone! I miss the preschool days of innocence and honesty. Enjoy!

Tettelestai said...

It's been a rough year, so a break is good. Take that time for yourself to recharge, you need it.

I happen to love the LB story. What a sweet way to reach out :-) One of our friends here drove 20 min a morning to shovel snow for his sweetie. Acts of service are my love language, so that is huge deal.

Good job on taking it slow. Kudos for not taking anything too quickly. True treasure is worth waiting for. So many in this 'microwave' society don't get that.

Kat said...

Taking it slowly is the best way to go. It makes the whole journey so much sweeter. Hopefully my very own Lawn Boy is just around the corner ;)

Cyndy Bush said...

As usual I am in awe of you taking things so slowly (in a good way!). Wow!
And I just bet you were enjoying that view out of the window. lol

Andrea B. said...

Maybe his friends and some of yours were confused about the update because they already thought/knew you were in a relationship with him and figured, huh? ;)

Sounds like VBS time was sweet with the wee ones.

Laurie Matherne said...

I hope you and LB continue to enjoy your time together. Taking it slow seems wise to me, too. And Facebook, I never take it too seriously.

The Dose of Reality said...

Congratulations on the official Facebook status!! That's very exciting...and there is nothing wrong with slow. It had to take some willpower with a view like that! ;) --The Dose Girls

Aleta said...

Aww, congrats on going public on FB with the news :) Happy for ya'll. And I think that friends of guys don't tend to look at FB that much or like things that often.

Nice picture view :) Yep, all his fault! Those are really cute memories about how ya'll met.

Leah said...

Love the story of how you met! It's great that you went public on FB! Congrats!

Karen and Gerard said...

That's a cute story about how you met Lawn Boy.

Unknown Mami said...

LB sounds like a good one.

Ilene Evans said...

Yay you for going public on FB with Lawn boy - and yay you for taking it slow.

Stephanie said...

Nothing wrong with taking it slow!! And more of your friends liking the FB status then his? That is simply a man vs woman thing. :) Congrats girl! (insert like)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

This is a great post. I always wondered about lawn boy, too...And so nice he sent flowers...even to the wrong school.

Heather said...

I know you have told the LB story before because I feel like I knew it! Oh well. Maybe I just made it up in my head.

I work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers all day long. When I was in college I swore I would never work with this age group - too much maintenance and not enough "teaching". I was wrong. :)