Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Missing Home

My sister Evie, her husband Jack, and Sweet Baby B traveled up to The Great White North this past weekend for Father's Day.  This was Baby B's big reveal, as most of the family had not yet met her.  On Father's Day, my parents hosted their annual barbeque with ~mostly~ my mother's family. Being one of six children, that's a lot of people. This also marked my grandfather's first Father's Day without my Grammy.

My sister sent me the sweetest most wonderful picture of our grandfather and Baby B.  She is gazing up at him and he looking down at her ~ and I so wish I could share it with you, but if I blocked out their faces, it would lose it's meaning~ and I was instantly missing my family.

You see, I was sitting on the couch, inside, with LB's family.  His grandmother was ill and his mother was stressed and he doesn't have any outdoor furniture, so I sat there ALL.DAY.LONG watching golf.  Don't get my wrong, they are lovely people, but this is just not how I am used to doing family gatherings.

I knew~ and the picture was proof~ that my family was all gathered in my parents' backyard. The children were either in the pool or playing some form of ball. Everyone was sitting around talking and laughing.

I wanted to be there.... celebrating with my family.  I haven't seen them since my grandmother's funeral in January and I am missing them.

Sometimes, despite your claims that you are where you belong and you don't ever want to go back, you just need to be... HOME, surrounded by those you love and who love you.


Andrea B. said...

((Hugs)) my friend.

I feel you. You can be happy and sad about where you are at once. In your life, it all comes together and so on, but you can still be mixed.

I'm sorry you missed that gathering w/your fam. xo

Malissa notthebestmommy said...

I know how it is to miss being "back home". To have hings and events that trigger memories of happy days spent at home.

I guess homesickness can occur at any age. Too bad we couldn't see the pic of your niece and grandfather. I love seeing pics of oldest and newest generation interacting.

Great post! and hi from PYHO

The Dose of Reality said...

Isn't it hard when you wish more than anything that you could just be somewhere else...not because where you are is bad but because where you could be is better.-The Dose Girls

B. Jenkins said...

I hate that you were homesick, but I do know how it feels to wish you were somewhere. I love my family and love to be around them, especially on holiday so I can understand how you feel.

Aleta said...

My brother and I moved to homes within 5 minutes away from my parents' home. Then because of the economy and job searching, my brother had to move to Maryland... far, far away from Louisiana.... My parents are both retired now, so they travel back and forth. I never realized how much being close means until someone close in your family moves and then your parents leave for a month at a time to visit.

Home is where the heart is and our heart is the love we have for family.

Leah said...

Home is so special. It is hard to balance being there for both families too!

Ilene Evans said...

I suppose I will have moments like this once I move in August. I don't know if I'll be prepared for them - or if I should just be prepared to be sad from time to time.

bill lisleman said...

I don't care for TV being on at family events. It tends to ruin conversations and story telling.

Shell said...

I get hit by this ALL. THE. TIME.

I know we are supposed to be here. But my husband's family doesn't do much together and when they do, it's odd. And then I see the pics of my siblings and their families all doing something together and I get a huge pang.

Cyndy Bush said...

It's funny how whatever you are used to becomes the way it's supposed to be done. I am the same way! And watching golf? Let's just watch paint dry, lol....I am right there with ya.