Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Children's Many Dads

 Wishing a very Happy Father's day to a wonderful group of men who show my children what is means to be Dad and not just a father.

Daddy, who is always there and bought The Boy golf clubs so they could play together.

My uncle, who sent The Boy a personalized autographed copy of an autobiography of one of the players on his favorite football team.

My cousin, who took The Boy to Atlanta to see his favorite team play.

My girl friend's father who makes a special deal of The Girl.

The Boy's god father who makes a big deal out of both kids, but especially The Girl.

Lawn Boy who steps up to the plate whenever he isn't helping his own children to help me out doing "Dad" things like carpool, practice runs, and delivery of forgotten items.

My children's own father, both because of physical distance that I created and emotional distance that is his own, is just not there for them as a dad should be. My children and I are so very blessed to have so many who help minimize that loss.


Sioux said...

This was a lovely tribute to the many men who fulfill different roles in your kids' lives.

Renegades said...

As a child I also was blessed to have men step up for a man who didn't have the capicity to father. It is so nice of you to recognize all the special men in your children's lives.

Leah said...

So great to recognize all the special men in your life! It is a special kind of person that can fill the role of a "great father figure"!

Maureen Hitipeuw said...

This post brought me to tears! It reminded me of how blessed I am to have other 'daddy' figures to fill those gaps in my son's life that I could never possibly fill. Thank you for this.

Mimi B said...

My step dad stepped up to the plate and lived through some really bad crap I put him through. I'm so thankful for the men who take time for our kids when they know their father's aren't in the picture for whatever reason. I was so thankful to the church family we had back in MN! They were always awesome! You have some great men in your kids lives!

The Dose of Reality said...

So well put! In truth, all children are better when they have wonderful male role models in their lives regardless of the status of their actual father. Hooray and thank you to all the men who are dads to our kids!! --Lisa