Monday, July 8, 2013

A Southern Series: Diapers, Sneakers, Water Fountains and More

My lovely readers, you never let me down. Your comments on my Coke, Barbecue, and Buggies post were so fabulous, they were worthy of a post of their own!

Without further ado, I ask you...

1. What do you call the things you put on your un-potty-trained baby to contain his/her... ummm... waste?

 ~ I always called them diapers, but a commenter suggested that here in The South, they are often called Pampers, kind of like soda is called Coke.  I couldn't say yay or nay, because my children were out of diapers by the time we moved Below the Mason Dixon Line and most people I know are cloth diapering, so they refer to them as either "cloth" or "disposable!"

2. What do you wear on your feet when you are going out for a run, to the gym, or to do anything athletic? 

~Sneakers.  Most people in these parts call them tennis shoes, but I don't regularly play tennis, and if I did, I'd wear my SNEAKERS! 

3. When you are out in public without our water bottle, what do you call the thing from which you drink ~If you dare?

~ A Water fountain. LB, who hails from New England, calls it a bubbler. I've only ever heard that in NE. In fact, when he made mention of it at the pool recently, I played dumb so I could give him a hard time, even though I knew what he meant.  Of course, he doesn't actually say "bubb-ler," it sounds more like "bubb-la!"

4. What do you call the thing you sit on in your living room... the one that usually seats about three people?

I usually call it a couch, but will sometimes use the term sofa.

5. What do you say when a VW Beetle drive by and you turn to the person next to you and slam your balled-up fist into their shoulder?

We've always  called out "Punch Buggie (insert color)," but another commenter  suggested that her family called them "Slug Bugs!"  That's one I never heard of!

In the comments, share you answers and where you are from!


Stephanie said...

Those athletic things that go on your feet? We call them Runners or Running Shoes up in Canada! :)

Water Fountains; we just stay the hell away from those!

Neural Chick said...

1. Diapers
2. Sneakers/Tennis Shoes/Trainers
3. Water fountain/drinking fountain
4. Couch/sofa
5. Slug Bug

Ilene Evans said...

Always a sofa and always sneakers - I am clearly a northeasterner!

Aleta said...

1. Diapers - but I'll say this, Pampers is that best! I use those for the night time. They are too expensive for daytime use where they get changed frequently.

2. Tennis Shoes. :) Sneakers just sounds funny :)

3. Water fountain :)

4. Sofa. Only time we say "couch" is coupled with potato... "couch potato" - being lazy

5. Slug Bug!

Diane said...

1. I say diapers but I know a lot of people who always call them Pampers.

2. Tennis shoes...always.

3. Water fountain. Never heard the term 'bubbler' before.

4. I say both couch and sofa. I used to always say couch but after moving here as a teenager,to the furniture capital of the world, (Darin was in furniture) I've been scolded for it so it depends on who I'm talking to.

5. My boys used to do the "Punch Buggy" thing in the car. They'd punch you on the arm and say, "Punch punch back!" I had never heard that before. Being from Georgia, my bff and I always played that game but we called them spuds. We'd call out "Spud 10" if we saw a red one, which was worth 10 points. All others were worth a point. The only time we called them spuds though was when we were playing that game. All other times they were simply known as VW Bugs. Don't ask me why.

The Dose of Reality said...

I was raised in Missouri and live in Charlotte now (and have lived in the South for 25 years) my answers are probably Midwestern with a bit of the South thrown in.

1. Diapers. No question.
2. Tennis shoes. I don't play tennis.
3. Water fountain. Is there another name??!!
4. Couch
5. We do a combo...we say "punch bug" Hahahah

Leah said...

Diapers, for sure.
Water fountain.
Couch or sofa.
Punch buggy.
AND Running shoes/Runners is what we call those things way up here in Canada!

Renegades said...

tennis shoes
drinking fountain
slug bug no slugs back!

Fun post!

Mimi B said...

Let's see:

slug bug *insert car color* no backs

We're from the midwest. =)

ChiTown Girl said...

I find the comments above so fascinating!

Here in Chicago (the heart of the midwest! =) ) it is:

-gym shoes
-couch (although my family, who are mostly immigrants, have been known to say sofa)
-"Punch Bug, !! No punch-backs!"

Funny little side story for you --

My niece came up with this game years ago when PT Cruisers were at the height of their popularity around here. She would punch her sister whenever she saw one, and yell, "PT Cruiser Bruiser!" She thought it was a freakin' riot!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I think we call them the same things everyone else mentioned.

Shell said...

I'm all messed b/c I grew up up north, live in the south, but live in such a diverse area that my answers probably don't mean much!

Diapers and most people I know say that, too. Though mil(grew up in SC) calls them pampers.

Tennis shoes(Hubs says sneakers).

Water fountain.

Couch, with the occasional sofa thrown in. My grandfather used to call it the davenport.

Punch buggy. Though I haven't taught my kids this one yet!

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

We used to always play the game, "slug bug" when I was kid. For every VW bug we saw, we'd yell "slug bug blue" or whatever color it was. I think maybe you are supposed to slug someone but we just yelled it out.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

So funny.

I do say tennis shoes. And I've said pampers, too.

Water fountain....and I say both sofa and couch.

Slamdunk said...

Funny stuff Single Mom--I enjoy the regional differences.

I think I am mainstream with my terms--diapers, punch bug and water fountain. Though I have heard slug bug used.

Certainly, "fix-in to", "y'all" and " crick" instead of creek are a dead give away for a Southerner. Enjoy your weekend.

Cyndy Bush said...

I call them diapers, everyone I know calls them diapers, and for some reason when I hear someone call them pampers it annoys me.
It's water fountain, tennis shoes, couch, and punch buggie 'round here. =)

Heather said...


So I call them diapers, but when I worked in daycare in North Carolina the teachers all called them Pampers.

I live on the Southern End of Massachusetts so we always say Bub-la here.

We say sneakers, but I love the term runners and so want to use it!!

My older two definitely went through a punch buggy phase!

We recently were on vacation with my sister who lives in Central NY (near Rochester, NY) and my 7 year old thought it was hilarious that she called dinner - supper. She couldn't get over it! So funny.

I love the LB is a New Englander. And my kids love calling the water fountain Bub-la around people who they know won't know what they are talking about!