Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fragments: Pools, Birthdays, Cars and Holidays

I meant to get this up last week, but the week got away from me.  I can't really complain, as we spent three days in a row at different pools with different friends, so it was time well spent, but it didn't leave much time for blogging.


One such foray to the pool brought some interesting conversation from the back seat.

 "My dad has a lot of money. He's not rich, but he had more money than most."

"Did you hear that two football players got arrested.  One I don't know why, but the other one for illegally punching a guy in the face outside a restaurant!"  ~ The "illegally" got me, because sometimes you can legally punch someone in the face???


My aunt sent me this birthday card last month. I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but am currently 4 years behind, regardless, I laughed so hard when I opened this I almost cried.


Did you know that you can negotiate with a car dealer for service?  

I did NOT know this.   I had something really major go wrong on my car this week.  I was blessed to get hooked up with a friend of my sister's who had just opened his own business. I didn't think he was doing service anymore or I would have gone to him to being with.  His wife gave me a price point that he'd do it for and I was able to use that to get the dealer down in price, because I'd already had my car towed to the dealer. It was seriously more stressful than buying the car! I'm also appalled at how overinflated the initial price quote from the dealer was... as in thousands of dollars. My sister's friend said it's common and they count on people NOT knowing they can negotiate!

Now my mother will start a writing campagin to the auto maker, because this is a problem that had cropped up repeatedly on my year, make, and model in the year and a half since I bought the car. I have a feeling there will be a recall in the near future!


On a happier note, did y'all do anything fun for 4th of July yesterday?  We joined friends for a "cookout."  I got all "creative" and brought this watermelon appetizer along with Crab Rangoon dip to which I did this.  
Unknown Mami


Aleta said...

We had a calm 4th :) Though Gregory did like the fireworks, he didn't care for the loud noise - kicked up a storm. I have the bruises to prove for it. Lol.

The Dose of Reality said...

That scrapbooking one made me howl. SO funny!!

We didn't do much yesterday. It was raining off and on all day! --Lisa

Stacey said...

I don't scrapbook, but my husband worked for a scrapbooking company for four years, so I have all of the stuff. My friends nearly die when I tell them I use it as crafting supplies for my kiddos! Happy Friday!

bill lisleman said...

Hmm, If you first say "May I legally punch you in the face now?", then it's probably legal right?
I've tried to negotiate service but typically it doesn't help much.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I got them to come down $1700! I know it helped that I really did have somewhere else to go and was ready to have to towed out of there!

Laurie Matherne said...

Wow. The estimate was $1700 higher at first? I need some expensive work done my truck soon as the injectors are failing. This, too, is a fault common to this make and model. However, it's a seven year old truck, and Toyota would have acted by now if they wanted to keep these drivers happy.

Mimi B said...

I think every week of this year has gotten away from me so far, especially in regards to blogging! I have so much scrapping stuff it's not even funny! I haven't scrapped in 2-3 yrs. Very sad! And I had NO idea you could negotiate with car repairs. I'm not sure I would do it well. lol

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I didn't know you could negotiate with dealers for service. I will have to remember that. Don't you just love listening to kids talk? I sit in the front and just chuckle at some of the things my boys say. Have a great weekend.

Doreen McGettigan said...

That card is hysterical. I'm about 4 years behind too.
It was one of my goals this year...
My husband works for a car dealer. People really do not realize they can negotiate with service and they also don't know when buying a car they can negotiate service with the deal:)
I have (knock on wood) not had one ounce of trouble with my car. I just love it! I hope yours starts acting right.
Just love the conversation:)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ilene Evans said...

I had no idea you would negotiate on car services! But of course you can - everything is negotiable!

Leah said...

Who knew about negotiating? Will have to try it out! Love the backseat talk too. Amazing what you hear (and sometimes a little concerning too:))

Cyndy Bush said...

You can legally punch someone in the face?? BRB, got some punching to do....
I did not know you could negotiate for service - go you!
Glad you're enjoying your summer.

Renegades said...

I also was a very avid scrapbooker and almost hoarder in an ocd organized kinda way of supplies. I'm so far behind I'm not sure I'd ever catch up.

Unknown Mami said...

Ugh, I hate the idea of having to negotiate with the car dealership at all. I always feel like I'm being swindled.