Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fragments: Pierson, Parenting and Peaches

This blog is not the only thing I am having trouble keeping up with. This is all the CLEAN laundry on my couch on a recent weekend!


I was talking to some colleagues recently, who'd moved on to work in schools in greener pastures where they kids are "easier" to teach and we were discussing how when the students aren't as needy, you don't seem to form the same attachments.

At a faculty meeting, another colleague played this video.  Inspiring, just inspiring. 


In other news, have you read this letter to the parents whose children destroyed Brian Holloway's vacation home?  I so completely agree with Kelly.
When I was a child, two neighborhood boys smashed a rock through the side of our brand new, above ground pool the first winter we had it. Somehow, my father found out who it was.  One of the boys showed up on our doorstep with his mother to "tell his side of the story" and apologize. The other never said a word. Both boys had rough adolescences, but I probably don't need to tell you which one straightened himself out. The other ended up in and out of jail. Extreme, worst case, yes, but also the truth! 


I had some "didn't quite eat them fast enough, but no totally worthless yet" peaches to use up this week so I made these.   I used whole wheat pastry flour, a cup and a half of peaches, substituted 2 totally overripe bananas for the egg and omitted the pecans because I didn't have any, but YUM! 


Have you read this article by Kate Bartolotta?  With all the moaning and complaining I've done right here on this blog about my body, it was a refreshing read and a GREAT reminder! 


Lawn Boy booked airfare for us to go visit his children next month... just the two of us because, a: it's EXPENSIVE to fly and b: it made more sense for just the two of us to go and get the lay of the land the first time. Many of you know the history of my own children, their father, and how he handles the distance, so I'm really pleased to see LB taking the initiative to go see them above and beyond the time their mother is required to send them.  He went so far as to say my ex has set an important example of the way he DOESN'T want his relationship with is children to be! It makes me sad for my own children, but reinforces that LB is someone special!
Half-Past Kissin' Time


Blond Duck said...

I'm going to go read Kate's article!

Diane said...

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

I don't think the laundry is ever done at my house and I don't work outside the home!

Hope you have a great weekend!:)

Aleta said...

I read about those 300 teens as was upset with the parents more than the kids. My parents would have ripped me a new one and forced an apology and probably locked me away from the light of day for a while. Respect...

Your guy is awesome - happy for you both!

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I hadn't heard about that story. Sad. We had an incident at school this week where the parents were in an uproar for a consequence their kids received. The parents starting ripping on all the paras (on Facebook!) Thar work there. Hmm..i wonder what their kids will be like when they're older. Have a great weekend. Your BF sounds like a good dad.

Renegades said...

Fingers crossed your trip goes good.

The Dose of Reality said...

That TED Talk video was AMAZING! I want her to be my teacher. I love her The video was so good, I watched it twice! Bravo!! --Lisa
Ps. Lawn Boy sounds awesome. So happy you have him in your life!

bill lisleman said...

the trashed vacation home - I had missed this news but read about it on another blog, The Art Of Being Conflicted. I think the parents should take their kids down to the local police station and turn their kids in. Of course, the police might not welcome a huge rush of kids filling their jail cells.
Great to hear LB knows the importance a good relationship with his kids. I don't understand and never will how parents can drop a relationship with their own children. My ex dropped out of the picture of our kids too. Just weird.

Mimi B said...

Ugh, can we not talk about laundry. I won't even tell you about my laundry situation. My oldest is working with inner city kids and an elementary and absolutely adores it. Thanks for sharing that article. I hadn't read that one and I completely agree! Can't wait to hear how your trip goes to see LB's kids!

Leah said...

It is sad that LB is using your ex as an example of how NOT to be, but what a blessing having LB in your life and THEIR lives! HE will show them what a real father does.

Ilene Evans said...

This might be my favorite Friday Fragments ever thanks to the Ted Talk and the peaches recipe! Thanks for the inspiration today!

Mrs4444 said...

My colleagues and I were inspired by that video and saddened that she passed away a while back. On the bright side, though, her message is timeless.

I see your point about less-needy students, but I find that I get a thrill when I can actually teacher a student and not have to worry about whether he's eaten, ya know? It's nice to have the luxury of an attentive student. Also, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is my involvment with the Difference Makers kids, who have only minor issues.

It was a treat to read your fragments; I've missed you. Glad to know you're doing well and still enjoying time with LB.

Crystal Green said...

I totally agree with another commenter who stated that laundry is NEVER done. I always feel like I'm being overrun by laundry.

I love this video that you shared. I totally agree with the speaker that relationships are the key to whether or not our children learn anything.