Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Southern Series: How About Them Apples

When I moved south six Septembers ago, I was told to enjoy the leaves as I drove away.  Being from the northeast, fall leaves are a very big deal. The colors... the smell... something I took for granted.  As fall progressed down here, I realized the leaves change here too... sure the colors aren't as bright and the smell is different, but they change and I found it was enough.  

In fact, I may have even thought all that talk about missing the leaves was a bunch of BUNK!

What I didn't anticipate missing were these:
Fresh picked apples. MacIntosh... Cortlands... crisp and tangy sweet. *sigh*

Who'da thought that's what I'd miss?!?! I mean, you can get apples anywhere. However, I soon discovered, it's not the same when your apples aren't picked fresh off the tree. Even this year, getting apples fresh picked in the south through my CSA, it's not that same.

Y'all, imagine my glee when my parents arrived for a visit earlier this month with a freshly picked peck of apples!

This mama is in apple heaven!

How about that?

What's your favorite kind of apple and how do you best like to eat them?
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The Dose of Reality said...

I'm with you!! There is nothing like a freshly picked apple. It's the best (and fun to do, on top of it!) It's a win-win!! :) Glad you got your peck of apples!! --Lisa

Stacey said...

They are so much better off the tree! Your mama loves you!!

Rob said...

So true! Fresh picked apples - so crunchy and yummy! Enjoy them!

Leah said...

Oops - I left my husband's gmail was open - Rob was really me:)

Mimi B said...

Ok, I'm not going to go into a sobbing tale of all the things I miss about home, but I completely understand about missing the apples. Honeycrisp apples were created at the U of M so we REALLY got to enjoy those sweet apples. I see some trees changing here in MD, but it's definitely not the same as the color change in MN. I miss watching the news and seeing the map change colors as we'd get deeper into fall. Enjoy the apples your parents brought! =)