Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fragments: Neighbors, Nostalgia, and No More Pets!

Pardon the language, but...


A friend from the neighborhood I lived in when I was married and lived up north,was in town on business last week. He met LB, the kids and I for dinner. We hadn't seen each other in 8 years, but picked up right where we left off. It was great!


Speaking of my now defunct marriage... what would have been my 14th wedding anniversary passed recently, making me realize I'm almost to that milestone where I've been divorced longer than I was married. I thought that would make me sad, but instead, it feels good to look at how much I've grown and know that my marriage and divorce no longer defines my life and is instead, a small portion of my life that garnered me the most important things in it: my children!


I have also reached a milestone at work: not only are my own children older than the children I teach, I am now older than most of the parents of my students!  EGADS!


We hosted The Girl's class pet recently.  Our cat effectively ignored it, which did not help my cause. My number one excuse for why we don't need a guinea pig, hamster, or other rodent in the house is that we have a cat and they won't get along! D'oh!!!!


We also had a death in the family that same weekend.  One of our fish kicked the bucket. It was quickly disposed of and grandma came to the rescue with a replacement.  It turned out to be a blessing, because it forced me to clean the filter which was in dire straits. Let's just say it's no wonder the algae eater has grown so much! This, of course, helps my cause, because if I can't take care of a fish tank, I certainly don't need a rodent!

No MORE Pets!


And in case you missed it yesterday, I have news...

Half-Past Kissin' Time


The Dose of Reality said...

I think the only excuse you need is...EW RODENTS!! BLECH.

It's been a big week at your house! --Lisa

bill lisleman said...

Pets - don't get a monkey.
Also someone needs to be the adult with regards to pet decisions.
work milestone - a big one for me years ago was working for a boss that was about 10 years younger than me.

Mimi B said...

It's so sad that as soon as Monday hits, I'm looking forward to Friday. lol How fun to see your old neighbor! So wonderful how much you've grown in the ensuing years! It's so crazy how fast time goes by and how we become the "old" person. hahaha I'm hoping Fred and I will have a dog know "one day" happens. =)

Laurie Matherne said...

Congrats on the news posted from Thursday. WONDERFUL. Sorry about the pesty pet news.

Kay said...

Well the cat should have read the script! I can't do rodents, or reptiles. Really I think I can only do dogs... yea, that's it, dogs.

I am glad the milestones were simply evidence of growth and strength! Way to tackle such things! So what news? Off to check that out. I have had my head buried in the sand lately. Not been around much out here.

Nita Davis said...

LOL, I am so with you on the no more pets, rodent or otherwise. Kudo's on the first milestone, condolences on the second. It is shocking when we realize we aren't as young as we
Have a great weekend.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I swore once all of our kids left home there would be NO more pets.
Somehow we agreed to take my husband's ex-wife's two terriers. I swear for real that is it!
I never did like my kids having the rodent type pets. It never ended well...
September 29 would have been my 39th anniversary with my first husband. Sigh.
In June I celebrated my 7th anniversary. I couldn't be happier:)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting news!!!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

When do we get to hear all the details on your NEWS missy??

Mrs4444 said...

Happy to be past the kids-begging-for-pets stage! :)

Love the ecard.

Thanks for linking up!

Charlotte Klein said...

That's too funny about the cat. But just because he (she?) gets along with one rodent doesn't mean he (she) will have the same reaction to another, ya know?