Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Fragments: Late

Little late to the party, but I'm going with better late than never!


The Girl asked the other day if I would be wearing "the same" dress I wore when I married her dad when Lawn Boy and I get married. I told her that no,it wasn't customary to re wear your dress when you married someone different.  Her reply, "Oh good! Now I'll have two to chose from when I get married!"


Speaking of first marriages, my ex came into town on business recently and surprised my kids with a visit for only the second time since we moved Below the Mason Dixon Line.  He came on a night when both kids had activities, so was able to see the kids ride and play football for the first time ever. It was a pretty big deal and both children were thrilled!


I went to start my car this morning and The Boy was rooting around in front of the car in the garage. I have a very small one-car garage and a pretty large crossover SUV, so there wasn't much room. Already running late, his timing wasn't ideal.

" What are you doing!?!?" I asked.

"Looking for the pump to pump my football."


His timing was less than perfect.


Second later with both children finally in the car, The Girl looks down at herself and says, "Oh wait! Mamma! I forgot to change my shirt!"  She was still wearing her pajama top.

It was a miracle we got to work on time!
Half-Past Kissin' Time


ChiTown Girl said...

Your conversation with The Girl about your dress made me laugh out loud! I like the way she thinks!

Mrs4444 said...

So, what are you wearing to your wedding?

Glad your kids got to show their stuff to their dad :)

Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

bill lisleman said...

I'm sure of the timing of this sequence but do you think their dad's visit mess up their routine?
I have a difficult time with last minute problems. Good luck

Laurie Matherne said...

Please tell us more about The DRESS!

The Dose of Reality said...

Once my daughter got in the car on the way to school still wearing her slippers. She wondered, "Oh, I guess you want me to have shoes and socks" think? Getting ready in the morning takes FOREVER!!! -Lisa

Kat said...

I love that your daughter wants to choose one of your wedding dresses for her wedding. That is so sweet!

I'm so glad that my ex lives close by (walking distance) and is involved in my kids' day to day lives. I'm truly lucky; it must be hard to live so far apart. I'm glad they got that time with them.

We all know about that morning routine! LOL

Leah said...

So funny she was still in her PJ top!! Love the conversation about dresses! I can't wait to hear what you will wear! Have you set the date yet?

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I was late to the party too and said the same thing, better late than never. Cute conversation with your daughter. And I bet they were excited to see their dad. That must be a little difficult for all of you. Have a great weekend!

Leslie Limon said...

I've had mornings like that with my kiddies. They have the greatest timing for those kind of things. LOL

How great that your ex got to see your kids during their activities. I still remember the handful of times my dad came to see me unexpectedly.

Ilene Evans said...

Oh, my daughter would have worn her PJ top too and not thought anything of it! Glad you made it to work on time!

Aleta said...

I almost choked on the wedding dress comment. TOO FUNNY!

Charlotte Klein said...

Your kids are hysterical. I love that your daughter is excited to have two wedding dresses to choose from :) HA! Hope you had a great weekend, momma!

Shell said...

So cute about the dress! :)

Mimi B said...

Oh goodness, those days make me want to crawl back into bed! lol Very cute what your daughter said about her dress choices.