When I first started out, I did weekly recipe review  to show Single Moms that you can cook and serve fresh meals inexpensively.  It's hard, for ANY mom, but especially single moms to come home after a busy day, most likely at work, followed by shuffling the kids to activities and then get dinner on the table (or, get dinner on the table BETWEEN work and activities).  My goal was to show you how one Single Mom gets in done. 

It's evolved some, I'm still cooking, or getting it done, so to speak, but now that I'm back to work, I don't have the time to type out many of the recipes or take photos like I did when I worked from home.  But, never fear, I still stick a recipe in here and there.

Below,  you'll find links to all of my previous posts that contain recipes or links to recipes that I've gotten from others.

Happy Cooking!